Real Madrid despises Marcelo in a sentimental tone: “Go follow the boy”

Marcelo despises Real Madrid. History of the Chamartín Squadron has been converted into the South with the most titles in its history (25), which is the Brazilian international point by point and final in the capital of Spain with 34 years. There are 545 matches played in which 38 goals were scored and 103 assists were scored.

Following this announcement

The carrilero is either the protagonist of an emotional act about Valdebebas’s body while the club follows a trajectory of men deprived of a trajectory in which he carries the caricature of his affections and respect for his rivals. All with the incidence of the dond to find the next pass, the jug has shown visibly emotionally.

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The first to hear the word was President Florentino Pérez

“Here you are with a lot of emotions. We are looking for a passionate homemaker and our great captain, even if he is a hombre ombre in Real Madrid. Marcelo. Querido Marcelo, has culminated all the Swedes. He has absolutely won all. A total of 25 titles. You are one of the best laterals in the history of world football. for the title of the titles “.

“We do not know the day of the celebration when the wind blows. Debbie sent sentiment to every one of you who wants to have fun. Whoever has a word of gratitude to your whole family. to train “.

This is where the tournament for Marcelo propion took place

“I want to join the club, my friends who tend to play all the time, all of them, the interns, the users who are like family, the guy who works in the residence, the security guard, the people who work detrás … Nosotros solo nos dedicamos a jugar al fútbol, ​​pero a mi me gusta reforzar que para que nosotros podamos jugar, hay gente detrás y eso lo aprendín el el Real Madrid. Quiero agradecer al Madrid por todo esto. días de mi vida con la allegria de estar en el mejor club del mundo.

“Quiero agradecer a mi mujer, que me ha dado a mis hijos, que son maravillosos. Hemos formado una family juntos. Si yo soy lo que soy hoy es por ti. Agradezco a todos los que forman part esto. Cuando salí de Brasil tenía at mente jugar in a great team and south of the Champions. Cuando nació mi hijo, tú como kapitán me has enseñado mucho. example “.

“I have a balance with my head. My family is very close to me. I’ve been unlucky, but I’m still struggling with my screws, but I’re still struggling with the guy who ‘s struggling.’ todos.It’s not an adiós, I’m not aware that I’m going to Madrid. If I do not have an entry, I’m in trouble. “Including my shadow, which is in the canteen.

To finalize, Marcelo responded to the prince’s questions

The most different: “Yo no pienso mucho en el futuro … Lo mís difícil es decir adiós. Ponerse esta camiseta es lo más bonito. El futuro no me asusta porque la history e escrita. No hay incertidumbre”.

How to explain all about Abuel Pedro: “Even though I’m consistent, I’m tired of having a giant body. Like me, I’m free and I’m a little older than normal. “I do not know what to do with the idea. The story is written here and there with only what I have. It’s very tranquil on the desk.”

Trainers: “Starting at a certain time running in a team, it tends to have more than just being on the bench. It has special and good trainers. It also has an algorithm. jugado mucho porque me he sentido muy iltil. Hay años que he he jugado mucho y no me he sentido tan útil. Para hacer un equipo y ganar hay que estar juntos. Para mí lo más bonito ha sido ver cómo hemos ganado la Copa de Europa y “Feliz que he sido sin jugar mucho. And with Ancelotti he discusses and al día siguiente nos dábamos un beso”.

Futuro: “El Madrid … There are no words to describe what it’s like in Madrid. All that is sought after by them is incremental. “I’m like a juggernaut who flies, but I’m like a person who is blind.

Follow also: “Voy a seguir jugando, creo que puedo seguir. Y si juego contra el Madrid no hay problema, because my sentiment is still and because it is professional”.

From day to day: “Always heresy and he is happy in Madrid. All tenemos problems in the screw, pero hay that sonreír siemre”.

Roberto Carlos: “It’s very different, but how many members of a club you have are always very big south. mejor de la historia. Yo me llamo Marcelo y estoy haciendo mi historia “.

Sentiment of singing: “I do not know how to sing, because I’m 18 years old. And the future is promising and the future is now. But as far as the south is concerned. es brutal, por eso es el mejor equipo del mundo “.

Find out what can be done for Real Madrid: “Yo hablo por mí. Cuando el Madrid appareci no tuve duda. Yo espero que entiendan la capacidad que te el el Madrid de hacerte ganar y de hacerte feliz. “.

Brazilian laterals that advance their position: “Depende much of the trainer, of what you pide. Si me piden ir más arriba o de ir a la derecha, pues vale. Los jugadores tenemos capacidad de hacer otras funciones”.

An accessible player: “Nunca he pensado en más allá. Siempre he vivido el momento. Aquí he ganado, he vivido noches magicas … He tenido suerte en mi vida. Suerte de jugar en el Madrid, de no tener lesiones …”

Where to live in Real Madrid: “Lo dejo dejo aquí es humildad, saber dónde estás. He hablado ahora con mi familia y he dicho que he ganado cinco Champions. tuve también un gran charla con Fede Valverde. Esto me hizo sentir muy important. Este es el legado que yo quiero dejar. estas cosas internas. better than the cremos “.

Minutes: “I do not like the interns and I do not know what to do next. Deciden the interns. I can talk about them, but they do not like it. he entendido otra cosa, y is that the protagonism is not in the camp, sino en todos. que no pase eso me retiro “.

Merecía un año más: “I do not know what to say. I do not have a problem with Madrid’s saliva. I do not know what to do with it. decidido salir bien y por puerta main, mirando a la cara de todos.

Who can buy the following titles: “Which superhero is a motivation of the organ … Benzema, Luka, Casemiro, Toni … Sea or sea that has its content”.

Search term: “The affair of your flight is always like that in Corazino. if it is with the person, not only with a guy who does not walk on a balloon “.

Future in Turkey: “Cuando ya tengamos algo lo hablaré por Instagram”.

Sentiment saber that no seguiría: “Well, in principle you want a little one … But you play as a reality and a major.”

Trainer in the future: “I do not see myself as a trainer, but I am very much in favor of 4-3-3 and 5-3-2 … I do not know how different the footballer is, or I am surprised, because I do not want the pen to be intentional”.

Padre de a footballer from Real Madrid: “If you want to go south it’s a kind of place. I’m not explicit. It’s too much for you to claim it is more than what it’s … Just like some people who study.”

Your first match in Real Madrid: “The Bernabeu impressed me a lot, even though the semans are not the same as when I was traveling in Madrid”

Relationship with Zinedine Zidane: “I have a brother’s for me. Tengo muen buena relation with el, jacho pachanguitas con sus hijos … I consider myself a friend and I do a lot in my carrera. I do a lot of things”.

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