Reasons for what should or should not be done by Juan Reynoso in Cruz Azul

The Peruvian technique counts with a title as the main argument to measure continuity, because there are various factors that weigh against each other

Se viven horas clave en Cruz Azul respect the future of Juan Reynoso. The Peruvian, which fired its shotgun from La Machina to the newly shot alley, helped the team fight to be eliminated in the final rounds of Clausura 2022 Tigersbut there are arguments in favor of supporting the Sudanese in the celestial bank, in which it stands at the ultimate high and medium.


-It is the trainer that breaks the sequence

Juan Reynoso fire extinguisher fines at most 23 years old sequence Cruz Azul you want to win a championship Liga MX. La Máquina logró la novena en el Invierno de 1997 y, due to the variety of techniques and jugadores fracasaron en el intento, finally La Máquina, de la mano del peruano, ganó ensada nasana en el Guard1anes Clausura 2021 trac vencer a Santos en la final which culminates in the Azteca Stadium.

-Tiene identidad con el club

The Peruvian trainer is a human being identified with the cement institution. In that era as a juggernaut, defending the colors of Cruz Azul Between 1994 and 2002, it was one of the most important parts of the Inner 1997 championship, despite the fact that it stood on the ridge that reached the final of the 2001 Copa Libertadores.

You will be the first as technical director of Cruz Azul Hidalgo, the team that started the La Machina branch of the Ascenso MX, the one that runs the 2013 Torrential Tournament. Clausura 2021.

-Potentialization jugadores

Han sido tres torneos en los que Juan Reynoso has been on the counter Cruz Azul. As long as it is mediocre, the Peruvian is being encapsulated to potentiate the southern algae that aligns itself with the best version of the South American mandate.

In his first tour, he said that the second opportunity was given to Bryan Angulo, Guillermo Fernández and Walter Montoya, footballers who, afterwards, are fundamental in the novel of La Máquina. In Clausura 2022 impulse to Uriel Antuna or Carlos Rodríguez, players who fly indiscriminately at once Reynosoluego de que, en Chivas and Monterrey, their antique clubs, have been shown at a high level.

-Tiene efectividad positiva

Hasta el momento, los números le sonríen a Juan Reynoso. It has 75 games and presents an effective superiority of 50 per customer. Has won 37 matches, lost 19 and lost 19, with a median score of 57.77 per goal, with 102 goals in favor and 69 against.

-Mantuvo superiority against America

Juan Reynoso to the banquillo de Cruz Azul where Robert Dante Siboldi finds the dominance of the Anguillas over the Cementers with a 5-2 triumph in Clausura 2019 and posteriorly, with Uruguay in the technical direction, your other victory and empathy.

With Reynoso on the cargo, the supremacy of the cementers over the azulcremas is felt. Cruz Azul win one and empathize with the other options America.


-Dispersion of opportunities from an international title

One of the main pecados of Juan Reynoso is that I did not find any of the three international titles available.

The first leg of the Concacaf 2021 Champions League ended with Monterrey being eliminated in the semifinals with a global score of 5-1. Apenas 15 days away from the team against Rayados, winning the Champions Cup against Columbus of the MLS, a trophy that is available for a single game.

Before 2022, one of the most important players in the semifinals of the Champions League of Concacaf 2022, but at this time the curtain falls Pumas with global marker of 2-1.

-El Azteca dejó de pesar

Durante este semestre, el Estadio Azteca dejó de ser una fortaleza para Cruz Azul in the MX League. Away from 2021, La Máquina has an efficiency of 60.31 per cent in the Colosseum of Santa rsula, in which there are 21 duels, with 11 triumphs, which empathizes with four couples, even though he runs with a media of 1.14 goals and favor per game and 1.04 against.

For Clausura 2022, the effective price is 36.36 per cent, due to the number of players who will enter in 2022. In the last semester, 11 duels in the Azteca Stadium with four seats and a pair of hats, each with a goal-by-match team drop to 0.90, even if the recurrence per cot, which is 1.09

-No supo sobreponerse a la baja de Jonathan Rodríguez

From the team that Juan Reynoso alineó en el Stadio Azteca ante Santos para ganar la final del Guard1anes Clausura 2021, cinco futbolistas ya no están en las filas de La Máquina, entre ellos destaca la ausencia de Jonathan Rodríguez, su máximo goleador.

Además del ‘Cabecita’, a lo largo de este año Cruz Azul has featured footballers such as Luis Romo, Guillermo Fernández, Roberto Alvarado, Orbelín Pineda, Alexis Peña, Yoshimar Yotún, Misael Domínguez, Elías Hernández, Walter Montoya and Bryan Angulo.

-Relation with Jaime Ordiales

Against the solid surprise of varlvaro Dilavila, Jaime Ordiales is as the main responsible of the football team. Reynoso and Ordiales did not have the best relation, but the Peruvian declared that they are professionals and that they are always seen by Cruz Azul.

“The group is much stronger than the nun, in fact it’s loser felicitaba in charla porcas pocas vece vi el compromantiente ellos i mi relation to Jaime (Ordiales) is one of the interns with a deportivo, cordial, professional director and what not more can be added; no pasamos Navidad juntos ni Año Nuevo juntos, pero nosotros somos empleados del club y queremos que el club pelee arriba ”, fueron las palabras de Reynoso the last 12 of February, one of which was taken from the Didavila’s salida.

Este lo sabe Jaime (Ordiales), lo sabe Víctor (Velázquez), somos professional, queremos lo mejor para el club, queremos resultados, efficiency e rendimiento y lo otro are part of folklore, si te llevas bien o mal. “I’s living in a rented apartment camp with a black computer, but in this case I do not know and it is the secret of football”.

-Repeated behavior of the application

Juan Reynoso has been replicated in more than one case from which the abuchee affix to algunos of their jugadores. Initiated by Clausura 2022, then a message to the fans of La Máquina, a song by Bryan Angulo at the Azteca Stadium.

“In the case of a pence that can be used with one more. Individualizing a detail is not something that stands out from the crowd; “As soon as I have an accident, I am wronged, I do not know how to act,” said the Peruvian.

The latest app at the Aztec Stadium, in the ida of the final quarters against the Tigers, the despicable affair with the abuchess of Ivan Morales, a theme that volcanic torso peruvian in the princess conference.

“Football is present and lastly it is hinchada that it has the power of a black pald in that it does not reconcile the spirits of the boys. A week ago, Sebastian’s the mismatch and hoy is from the points and is valued, is applauded. Iván tuvo un gran juego el pasado, hoy de repente no controóra, esa jugada de amarilla lo air conditionó, pero no es para matarlo, tiene quatro meses en est club, pero bueno spremos que la gente sea more compressive, que los muchachos son seres humano , no son robots, can be a tarde or night owl, pero to be in this club, hay que sobrellevar estos momentos, a nadie le ha ido bien desde el primer partido that south aquí y bueno, sure el domingo van a sample otra cara ”.


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