Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body

An example of this is what was demonstrated Rebecca Jonesde 65 años, quien en 2018 enfrentó el ovarian cancer and along the course of the treatment, the upper bouts featured two cutaways; without embargo, lamentably we are not interested in that in semadas pasadas sufrió a recaída and este mal ha vuelto. A friend of the first actress we contact:

-Who is Rebecca?
“It simply came to our notice then. “I have a lot to add to with a lot of taste, because the amount of increments with your friends is more than that, and people have a lot of work to do.”

-Recently, we see everything in different projects …
“Sí, participates in the third tempo of the series ¿Quién mató a Sara ?, with the prestigious international actor Jean Reno, who is in the theater, in works such as Conejo Blanco, Conjejo Rojo and An Extraordinary Exterior Atrapada in an Ordinary Scene” .

-De hecho, is to initiate a turn …
“Sí, the 30th of June in Tijuana the Busco area of ​​my life, marido or tuve; la gira será todo julio por todo el país. “To mark it well, but by desecration, a few semesters are needed to get a notebook.”

-¿Por qué lo dices? What time is it now?
“In 2018, the cancer detector in the ovary is excised, just trying to find out if she did not see the photos of her salutation in the hospital, but Rebecca was surprised, but finally accepted that she was hospitalized.”

Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body

-Pero ya llevaba cuatro años bien, ¿no?
“Yes, if it’s too late, it’s inclusive, if it’s too late for a campaign to prevent mom cancer, lamentable, go to seminars in one of its periodic revisions, it recovers a recurrence.”

-¿Que es eso?
“Cancer regression occurs during a period of dissemination or depreciation of signs and symptoms.”

-D¿nde tiene el cáncer?
“Only what is in an ovary, but not in a shell. Otra vez fue en el izquierdo y ella nos dijo que le hicieron una cirugía, pero ne detalló si le quitaron solo la part ela o todo. If the hubieran extirpado, sería en el derecho, pero no estoy sure “.

-Qué dura noticia! …
“Yes, because of the disgrace, the cancer has no word of honor and the ovary is very frequent as it flies.”

-Which situation is this?
“Obvio, le angustió, pero lo tomó con gran entereza, no lloró. “If you do not know what to do with the audit control, you will not see the result”.

Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body

-¡Qué difícil! …
“Yes, for example, it has a very strong character, and since it is the first diagnostic, it has been a major force.”

-¿Cuál is the panorama?
“Even though it is hermetic and I do not know how many details it is, it is not at this stage that it is now cancerous, only that it looks like it is not as strong as the other vein and that it is new to chemotherapy, it is green the passage follows the flight to the vengeance ”.

-¿Ella ya no tomaba quimioterapias?
“No, because I follow the wind with your immunotherapy, which is a mensual application.”

-Su familia ya sabe que le regresó el cancer?
“But suppose, for example, that you do not know what Max’s, who weighs the serenade of his mother, is deshecho.”

Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body

-No es para menos …
“Max’s very much like her mom, the preoccupation that this cancer is aggressive. Tl trata de inyectarle gran imonimo a su mama y le dice que saldrá adelante de todo, pero con su papá, Alejandro Camacho, sí se ha desahogado y se ha puesto a llorar ”.

-¿Alejandro has anything to respect?
“I deliberately tried to talk to Rebecca, but I did not get much out of it; the repentance is very good, the brand and the policies are far away, the owner does not know what to do with it, and as it is at the moment, Rebecca has preferred to use it ”.

-We assume that Rebecca is in the hospital in June …
“Sí, pero lo manejó con hermetismo. It is a delicacy and you have to have one of the lab compromises, but it is all ”.

-Should you plan a descent?
“No, considering that the best way to do this is to work hard. It’s haunting the normal screw, but it’s confusing that now it has not been able to move the cancer and pull it out of an aggressive manner “.

Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body

-Entonces, se irá de gira …
“I, and the work of the producer of the work, Antonio Escobar, who wants to be adept, and then accurately count on his compression, even though he is feeling down, his paper on his alternate, Luisa Muriel, the shadow of Alma Muriel ( qepd) ”.

-Crees que lo haga público?
“It simply came to our notice then. It is safe to say that this is a note that does not make sense of the theme, but is very sensitive, reacts to a bit of exaggeration and does not sound like it ”.

-Esperemos que salga adelante…
“No lo duden. “Ella is a warrior, because Dios has the last word, but he has all the valentine to make adelante and decide what to do”, concluded.

Rebecca Jones: the cancer wants to invade her body


We work with the prestigious gynecologist oncologist V Varctor Vargas, who explicitly states about ovarian cancer and its recurrence:

-¿What is ovarian cancer?
“It is a malignant tumor that originates in the female organs encapsulated to produce ovules.”

-But who’s a person who cancers of the ovum where you can regress is undefeated at the right time?
“Because people do not have chemotherapy or surgery in the first place because they have cancer, they may have small tumors residual in the abdomen, the cells that want to cut.”

-¿Which is the frequency that haya is recurrence?
“Alrededor de un 80 per centio, por la agresividad de este tipi cancer”.

-Cuál es el tratamiento a llevar?
“Generally with chemotherapy or surgery, as the doctor treats it considerably convenient,” he concluded.

Rebecca Jones: cancer wants to invade your body


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