Recall the lack of multidisciplinary attenuation in diabetic and cardiovascular patients

The specialist intends to recognize the importation of the stretched relation between these conditions.

Dra. Karen Rodríguez, cardiologist director of the scientific committee of the American College of Cardiology, chapter Puerto Rico. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Salud P ,blica, Fabiola Plaza.

In Puerto Rico, although in other parts of Latin America, there is a high prevalence of diabetes, which is equivalent to cardiovascular disease because it affects the blood vessels that are in the cortex, in the periphery, the periphery, the periphery cardiologist Karen Rodríguez, cardiologist director of the scientific committee of the American College of Cardiology, chapter Puerto Rico.

Estimates of healthcare organizations in Indiana that account for 15.8% (429,720) of adults in the Puerto Rican population living with diabetes, according to Health Department statistics from 2020. In other words, approximately 13 out of 2 adults have diabetes in Isla.

It is understood that the specialist is aware that it is imperative to take care of the risks that patients are concerned about, such as: cerebral palsy, congestive heart failure, intestinal oxygenation, or undercutaneous diarrhea. . “When diabetes is diagnosed with high prevalence, most patients with diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to have organ complications,” he said.

In this sense, Dra. Rodríguez specified that the objective of the medical community is to detect diabetes mellitus and to control it, or that many patients should consult a counselor who is consistent with the patient but much better. “If we do not have temporal interventions, tend to have more salient and dismantling positions, these are cardiovascular conditions,” the specialist said.

As a result, it is the sedentary life style that predominates in many societies at the moment; In some parts of the Isle of Man, patients only have access to low-lying places to walk and perform physical activities and, in addition to their physical activity, patients with the highest levels of cardiovascular activity are more likely to have cardiovascular disease. .

On the other hand, there are various aspects that can be dealt with in order to have good cardiovascular health and that these patients need a better quality of life.

Importance of multidisciplinary intervention

It is safe to assume that a patient has no risk factors that may increase the ability of the cardiovascular nurse to be consulted, even when consulting a cardiologist, even with the attenuation of the primary care physician, but it is important to know that del patiente, al ser sus medicos de cabecera.

If you are a cardiologist, try to see the risk factors that the patient has and why they can be treated with screw quality. In many cases, it requires the help of other specialists, such as endocrinologists – before treating diabetes, for example, or the thyroid gland affecting the cortex -; In other patients, renal enema present and requiring the intervention of nephrologists. En cardiologyscrutinizing a chain, breaking the organs that are implicated.

With respect to community, multidisciplinary intervention is important, although patients are more likely to be affected by memory, but co-occurrence, incontinence, and the presence of a neurologist. By the way, nutritionists also play an important role in this cardiology. “Cardiology “It is not a specialty, so it depends on a number of doctors who are present at the time,” the doctor explained.

Respecting the use of technology in medicine, the doctor acknowledged that the Internet has added to an important number of different patient information available, or that only individuals are accountable for the testimony of others who have similar affections. Rodríguez found out when he was a well-educated patient, he had to go to the diagnostics and consult a specialist with specific questions about the condition. Ahora los patients llegan en muchas ocasiones impoderados.

The evolution of treatments in their careers

There is a series of recent treatments that are not only available anteriorly, but also to patients and patients who do not have access to it, but only have a problem and do not tolerate surgery performed abortively, but which patients may have. ayuda, valve valve implants, drawn from one end, for example, and stored in screw quality

These patients of 80, 85 or 90 years can get better care of these patients. It is a satisfaction for the specialist, that it does not only help the patient in his own, but that all the family does not have access to the company at the same time with more time and with better screw quality. “We have not been able to take care of anything, but we have taken care of it”, affirm Rodríguez.

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