¿Recuerdas a la Universo que aconsjóa a Betty, la fea? Assyrian Cecilia Bolocco, 21 years old

Up to 21 years ago, “Betty, la fea”Can be positioned as one of the most consumed telenovelas in the world, starting in 2020, Netflix the sum of the teeth of its contents. ¿The secret? Nadie lo sabe, lo that sí sabemos is as far from the trauma, apparently different personalities who show solidarity with Betty and the accomplices for not allowing more abuses or engagements, one of them is the model Cecilia Bolocco, apparition in which it is interpreted as misma, ¿sabes qué pasó con ella? Aquí te lo decimos.

Appearance of Bolocco in “Betty, la fea”, in 2001. Photo: Special

Bolocco’s participation – model and presenter of Chilean television – ocurre in the final stage of the telenovela, when Beatriz is interested in the engagement of Don Armando, his boss and the man who lives in love. While Betty is not specific, she deshoga and expresses the form in which the hackers feel the people that the lastiman and se burlan de ella. It is as if Bolocco has been harmed since the death of any of the victims.

“The dolor has no rostro, no discrimination. I do not understand how it was used, it destroys me alma “, the expression, when Betty does not create a model, ganadora de Miss Universepueda sufrir per amor.

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Pero Betty insists, impulsively on the back of the disillusionment that establishes the attraction: “Usted is a beautiful and outgoing woman. A mí no me pasa eso. De mí se burlan, a mí me rechazan. A mí me utilizan ”, reprocha.

As an embargo, Bolocco did not molest with Beatriz, but as a way of comprehending it, following the conclusion that, in reality, ambassadors pay a lot of money, they can be prepared for what is inside, but not for appearance. This is what Betty enriches, which the slow-moving player builds on the model by simply timing to share his personal experience, abridging the panorama of the expert in finance.

What does Cecilia Bolocco do in real life?

Bolocc en 2021. Photo: Instagram

At present, Miss Universe – the winner of the 1987 certificate – is 57 years old, dedicating itself primarily to fashion design, being active in all directions when trying to find new pieces in the workplace, such as blazers, hechos de 100% lana, abrigos, carteras, relojes, cinturones, joyería y perfumería.

Triumph of Bolocco in 1985. Photo: Instagram

Bolocco trabajara for the company Falabella, a brand of Colombian clothing that is very comfortable and for those who have launched various collections. But fashion is not the only one that is currently dedicated to you, even to other altruistic events, as it is the director of two foundations, as it turns out to be in the construction of a natural cancer institute in Chile, moment by moment, how to fight patients, get a mammogram to diffuse the importation of the routine check.

Formed as part of the “Ollas Solidarias” initiative, traces of the fact that the Chilean transport population has seen unprecedented and declining prime ministership in Ukraine, and a consequence of the Russian invasion.

Además, the 27th pass may be 35 years old since it recreated the Miss Universe crown, but it is present in a commercial plaza of its city to commemorate the event, which is accompanied by a multitude of followers.

The model has reached the age of 18, Múximo Saúl Menem Boloccoproduct of your relationship with Carlos Menem, formerly Argentine, with this house for 10 years, (from 2001 to 2011). His shadow was diagnosed with cancer in the central nervous system, in 2018, with a very favorable panorama, “I know that the quedaban of the living’s”, led by La Nation, in an interview in 2021.

Cecilia y su hijo Máximo, en 2018. Photo: Instagram

As an embargo, Bolocco always violates its mandate with a positive legacy, which can be very consistent with the fact that it does not derive its approval and approval of its unity and proper balance. “When weighing, the angles and the large probes that lie on the screw, one that has to find a space to sleep. You can not take it in stride, basically acabado, desolado… ”, express and now Máximo has superimposed the enfermedad, -and because of the periodism- pero eso has not impeded that the model siga velando por salud de otros jóvenes con el mismo pade.

Maximo, the game of your recovery, in 2022. Photo: Instagram

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