Red Bull suspended Jury Vips for a racist comment

jury rips the red bull rb18 during the training books 1 of the grand prize of Spain in 2022

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    Se le acabó el chollo a Jury Vips. One of the main representatives of the Red Bull pilot academy does not dress the colors of the baby energy in an unfortunate public comment.

    Vips, pincar rincón

    Hacer bromas p entblicas entre amigos puede salir caro. This is what Vips suggests. The Estonian pilot, who participates in the Entertainment Books 1 of the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix thanks to Red Bull, can be obtained from indefinite manner subheading in an Austrian monoplase. ¿La razón? Using a term that I used to refer to as Milton Keynes:’s ‘N-Word’. Or, for the most curious: ‘nigga’, a word perspective hacia the collective black in the United States.

    The jury’s success story was diverted by computer Liam Lawson, both programmable and Red Bull, in a live broadcast on Twitch. The Formula 2 pilots are being tracked along with a video of the dispatch, without prior notice, Vips holding the word that has been terminated by the actual contract.

    As a result, Red Bull broadcast a communication Tuesday at 9:00 pm announcing its final compromise with the Estonian caliber pilot: “Red Bull Racing suspends its junior pilot Jüri Vips from its labs with immediate effect, and the expectation of a full investigation of the incident. We can take advantage of any type of tolerance policy in relation to the behavior or racist language of our organization”.

    Asi pues, esta unilateral supone el temporal (or definite) adjective of Vips of the RB program. We see what the future of the F2 classified septum is like in the automotive panorama.

    Is it real or does it complement the perfect excuse?

    Surprising that the Austrian company has died Lawson’s nervousness trace the inapropic expression of Jüri dentro from direct proprio, which is why he thinks that the sphere of Helmut Marko was surprised by the mistakes made by coma in estonia in the category of plate, to weigh its velocity.

    For the purposes of NASCAR, this is the best bet ever Kyle Larson, the pilot of the Cup Series that was excluded from the competition in 2020 by using the equal mass during a direct transmission. Alternatively, allow the title and return the title.

    Mentras tanto, Red Bull sigu valorando sus options. At the moment, it is known that Jehan Daruvalathe Indian pilot tampered with by the Austrians in F2, is trying F1 graces McLaren in a test that is celebrated in Silverstone on June 21st and 22nd. Quizá Marko y compañía estan dando los siguentes pasos para kologar al siguiente pilot de la dentra de la F1 u l i metodata de patka de Vips ha podido ser la excusa perfecta para desprenderse de él definite.

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