Regina Coeli. The Pope invites you into the abyss with Jesus

Before the fall of Regina Coeli, the Pontiffs record that at the heights of the screw they do not disturb the autocompadeceres in squatting tracks, they fly and emperor from Jesus, renovated, in the middle of a curtain and in the same way.

Alina Tufani Díaz, Ciudad del Vaticano

Pope Francis is the medium, at the earliest of Regina Coeli’s rhetoric that goes to the heart of Jesus and compromises, launching with a renewed pulse in the hearth of the well. Ante a Plaza de San Pedro, algo nublada pero llena de peregrinos y files, el Santo Padre reflects on the Gospel of this doming that narrates the third apparition of Jesus resurrected to the apostles.

The origins of the Galilean lagoon, demoralized and desolated algae, the misery of the Rescueed, are expelled, the discs declining to follow the screw of the ant, the pescadores which, as an embargo, do not weigh. A sentiment and a stage of imonimo, in particular Pedro, which were brought to us by experimental podiums, said Pontiffs, commanded by “cancellation, desulsion, quizzes by parza, which we took from Señor and decimated the great choices that all content otra cosa ”.

“For example – explicit Francisco -, we do not dedicate time to family news, and we prefer personal passages; os olvidamos de la oración, dejándonos arrebatar por nuestras necesidades; deciduousness of caridad, with the exclusion of diarrheal prisms. But because we are like Pedro, we are demoralized and with the vacant lots “.

Echar las redes con valentía

In those moments, according to the Pope, Jesus exorcised his disciples and left the ropes with valentine just falling off.

“Hermanos, hermanas, when in the living room we have empty lanes, it is not the moment of autocompedecernes, of divertirnos, of volvers and passive tracks. It is the moment to fly and empathize with Jesus, to rejoice, to rejoice, to navigate before, ”said Pontiff.

To follow and empathize with Jesus, Santo Padre suggests three verbs: to advance, to recompense and to retaliate against a deceiver or a thief who has lost his temper. Y si “hoy siento que he retrocedido …” -agregó el Papa – “vuelve a avanzar con Jesús; vuelve a empezar, vuelve a ponerte en marcha”, porque “te está esperando y sólo piensa en ti, en mí, en each one of us “.

An updated pulse that is love

More adeptly, Francisco reflects on the “sobresalto”, the impulse of Pedro cuando, even though Señor has flown, launches agua and nada and finds himself: “It is a gesture of love, but love and more all iltil, lo conveniente and lo debido; el amor genera asombro, inspire creative impulses, free ”.

“Hermos hermanos and hermanas, hoy estamos invitados a un pulse new, a zambullirnos en el bien sin mido de pergo algo, sin hacer demasiados cáculculos, sin esperar a que empie los otros. “But for the sake of Jesus he is compromising,” insisted Santo Padre.

Rem Queremos amar a Jesús?

For example, Francisco interferes with the fibers over the prophecy of generosity, as their capacities follow the pulses of the coil before launching and swinging in the love of Jesus, in the place of quarreling in the costume or in the medium. But like Pedro, Rescitado también hoy nos pregunta: ¿Me quieres? Porque in Pascua – recuerda Francisco – Jesus said that “resurja también nuestro corazón; because it is not a matter of saber, love of love ”.

“¿Me quieres ?, te pregunta Jesús a ti, que tienes las vedes vacías y miedo de recomenzar; a ti, que no tienes el valor de zambullirte y has perdido empuje. ¿Me quieres ?, pregunta Jesús ”(…) Y nosotros, ¿queremos amar a Jesús?”. With these preconceived conclusions the Pope concluded his words against Regina Coeli, but not against Virgen, who in fact said “yes” to Señor, who did not want to count the impulse of the bien.


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