Register a record volume of sales in 2021 with 348.4 million euros

This figure represents an approximate increase of 22% respecting anterior exercise

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The Pilz firm, which specializes in security automation, has registered a 22% increase in anterior erectile dysfunction due to the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of the government. In order not to skip the notable materials and the transport fleet in the world context, Pilz has ensured the abasement of all components in the manufacturing centers and increases the production volume to a record figure of 2.4 million devices.


Exercise 2021 has a record for Pilz. The expert automation company registers a volume of sales of 348.4 million euros, which represents an approximate increase of 22% respecting the anterior exercise. Consequently, whether the global economic crisis, the cyberattack, the pandemic by the coronavirus and the permanent collapse of the summer, the familiar family conservation surpassed the level of sales of 2018, the crisis, and the recovery of the crematorium. The hope is that 2022 will be more than clear, but with good luck in the future.

Ltimos aos nos lo han puesto difcil y exigido muchos sacrificios a los trabajadores de Pilz en todo el mundo. The results of 2021 are a confirmation that the used spells have validated the pen. Juntos hemos conseguido mantener el rumbo. My brother and I are very grateful for that, explicitly Susanne Kunschert, social administrator of Pilz GmbH & Co.KG.

Pilz has been shown to be in crisis situations and people have solid refusal of this period. We all need incansable input, flexibility and, all the way, the capacity to innovate the workstations and workstations of our company, aade.

Record of sales in the history of the company

With a volume of sales of 348.4 million euros and a growth of 21.7%, respectively, in relation to the sales figures of the previous exercise, Pilz alcanza traces through the crisis a new record in the history of the company. After weighing the notable materials and the capacity of the transport capacities, all the way from the summer, Pilz has secured the expansion of all the components of the manufacturing centers and increases the production volume to a record number of 2.4 millions of devices.

Personal planning amplification for 2022

The number of trainers has increased by 1.3%, respectively, to 2,366 from the past and in 2021 it will reach 2,335 professionals worldwide. Tambin in Germany has registered a significant increase in the number of employees: from 1,012 in 2020 to 993 in 2021. After all, Pilz has avoided disputes due to business relations related to the current global economic crisis. From 2022 onwards, the familiar company is being contracted to employ ms.

Innovation in processes and products

Pilz sigue involving many resources in investigative and disarming activities with the finest consolidation of its technical leadership position. In the finals, approximately 21% of the total number of traffickers was deducted from the number of investigators and detainees.

With respect to the contents, one of Pilz’s priorities in its deactivation activities is the theme of the protein: How to make safety automation solutions, only at the same time as other aspects of industrial safety and protein, explicitly Thomas Pilz, socio administrator of the company. This is the secret that the company is fully aware of the de-scrolling processes, which are as follows: the TV Sd has certified the de-scrolling of Pilz products in accordance with the standard on industrial protein IEC 62443-4-1.

Ferroalloy technology is beyond the fields where Pilz and cremation potential. Following this line, the company has created the Railway Specific Business Unit, which aggregates its international Pilz activities by strategically controlling the range of products to meet the specific requirements of the railway sector.

Confusion in the future

Pilz aspera as 2022 sea otro ao lleno de retos. With the insertion of pedicures secure at record levels, the acquisition of electronic components, metals and plastic granules being very complicated. The problem posed by the Ukrainian war seems to be a scenario in which there is no guarantee that the costs of the primary materials and the material costs will increase.

Susanne Kunschert clara: Seguimos en modo crisis. In the Pilz group you will be surprised to find a collaborate between all your international affiliates and then follow up with our newest clients. Relationships with others and with commercial societies do not have the added energy that we need. We are optimistic about what the future holds.

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