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La COVID pandemic sigue standing present in the world but more than two years. Durante este timepo, el SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the disease) ha mutant lentamentewhich is allowed evadir el sistema inmunitario it is sufficient to infect only a few people.

How many nosotros or hemos tenid COVID-19, do not report that people try to prevent the virus by following or including third. In the United Kingdom, this is not particularly noticeable since the implementation of the Micron variant as of December 2021.

Pero when one wants to infectProb is probable that it is sent leve o peor que la primra vez que tuvo COVID? Además de ser una pragunta’s because only people feel curiosity, it is an important topic from a public health perspective.

¿Reinfections by COVID-19 recently?

If the symptoms are more severeif the algae is infected, we expect the pandemic to intensify to the extent that the persons are nursing each other more. A COVID series strategy is unique in the form of avoiding oleaders of graves.

The alternative is precisely the case. If any subsequent infertility is seriousla pandemics eventually occur por soí sin necesidad de enmascaramiento, cuarentena, bloqueos u otras medidas.

Interpreting a recent printout (an article published online from somewhere before a revision in pairs) suggests that synoviums of the refractions with COVID son peores which are the initial inferences.

Pero lthe authors do not specifically observe the gradation of the phrases. Analyzes the likelihood of death by any cause, hospitalization and a variety of dental problems within the posterior half of the infection. Investigators conclude that these media have been deprived of refinements.

Si bien esto is not a good news, the results must be interpreted accordingly. The data used in this study were provided by electronic registers of medical attenuation of more than 5 million veterans from the United States, of which more than 290 miles of COVID tuberculosis were given as an egg.

É Who says the evidence?

For empezar, el study group is only a high risk experimenter of results in comparison with the general population. La edad promedio era of 60 years, up to 20 per fumaba customer and more than 80 per customer due to COVID not establishing vacancies. However, it is possible that the results do not apply to the general population.

Secondly, the refining group is analyzed on average, so that the initial infertility group is not analyzed until 30 days after the infertility. This means that the results observed pif the reflection includes all of the first COVID signs (dolore de cabeza, tos, fatiga, etc.) de los que el otro grupo puede haberse recuperado. Although the data include any symptoms or health problems that occur during the study period, including severe infertility in a group, sesgaron los hallazgos, lo que hizo que lasinefeciones pareciesen peores.

Entonces, which sample is the premise? Sugar that refinements increase the general risk of health problems. Pero vale la pena recordar que the population of the study is established in a major municipality.

Las respiratory infections such as influenza one of the main causes of death in all the world, but it is not of the corresponding all that qualitative respiratory addiction aument the riesgo of problems of health of a person.

Without embargo, it’s halazgo not the mismo that the symptoms of which refinements are more severe.

Memory inmune

This study is currently being reviewed on Twitter but we are looking at the opposite: which leads to subsequent infertility tenderness to cause menus graves symptoms that an initial infertility, or even very small changes.

La memory inmunitaria is the phenomenon in the que the immune system “recuers” infertile passages y responds in more rapid and efficient form to reinfections, which reduce virus propagation and general symptoms. This is because the immune system produces anti-cellulite and a type of glóbulo blanco llamado célula T during initial infection. However, the immune system retouches the anti-cellulite masses and T cells to combat reinfection.

Modern vaccines (including those against COVID) are based on the concept: “training” the immune system to prevent the virus from hatching.

For many ailments, such as virulence, sarami and chickenpoxsobrevivir a la enfermedad una vez le brinda inmunidad that hail that qualitatively refine sea much menos grave. An exception is the fiber of sound, where the immune system can produce anti-corrosion that in reality helps to refine, but that empses the symptoms in some cases.

With COVID, los studios on reinfections are required to analyze deaths and hospitalizations, which is one of the most common types of symptoms. In general, find out what reinfections its grave grains that the initial inferences.

Disinfection by COVID is not the same for all

Podrías estar pensando, “mi segunda infección me golpeó más fuerte que la primra”. It is plausible that some people experiment with short stories for refinement in comparison with initial infertility. This is due to a variety of factors. The different parts can cause more severe symptomsas delta, that probably more grave than the beta.

Una initial dose more than the virus (for example, if you have been exposed to COVID) you can allow it to spread the virus before the immune system can control infertility.

Finalmente, la disinfection of the immune systems with the time travel emperors los syntomas. For example, if you have ocular infertility when you are vaccinated, you want to be infected when you are vaccinated its levels of antiquities are more than enoughsentimental tenderness that their first infection fuera more leve.

These are suggested by many people, but it is probable that a significant number of folders will appear. What I care about is that we tend to see tendencies of inpatient care persons who tuvieron symptoms live a primary infertility pero that is infused gravely with the refractions. Hasta ahora, no he visto ninguna evidencia de esto.

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The article was written by Ben Krishna, a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge University who specializes in immunology and virology.

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