Relationship between AMLO and Cuba, bajo la lupa

The relations between the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador mantiene con gubaerno de Cuba —isla that visit from 7 to 9 May, but first as mandatorio— are overhauled in the last 40 years, period in which the también restores the magnifying glass of the Mexican intelligence apparatus.

Follow the expedient espionage of the Departure Federal Directorate of Security —hoy National Intelligence Center (CNI) —in the beginning of the 80s, when the delegate from the National Indigenous Institute (INI) in Tabasco, López Obrador promotes technology-based interoperability y el gobierno de Fidel Castro.

The intelligence report under EL UNIVERSAL detail that Cuba was sent to the land of birth of Lopez Obrador technically with concomitant in the construction of economically accurate houses and the Tabasco gulf to La Habana campesinos to share their conociments according to the Without the embargo, the document, the campers sent from all over the island to visit La Habana, pues, accuse DFS, no sabína nada de agricola techniques.

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“Andrés Manuel López Obrador in coordination with Governor Leandro Rovirosa promotes technological interchange with the Cuban government. The Cuban high-tech technicians in Najajuca, Tabasco, for the sake of building accountability to build houses that result in doctors and in the INI exchange campers visiting La Habana, or the ones the Sabbaths do not have the technology to report, ”he said. intelligence.

“AMLO: communist leader”

In the first report of the DFS expedition, launched June 14, 1979, López Obrador was the conductor of the Mexican Communist Party (PCM) in Tabasco. Se queala que López Obrador regression of its natal membership in June 1975 deprived of the study of Political Science in UNAM to overthrow the governorate Leandro Rovisora ​​Wade, and where it works as a static delegate of INI in Nacajuca. The DFS affirms that Lopez Obrador “prefers” selective activists and militants of the Mexican Party of the Trabajadores (PMT) and the PCM “converted now to the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico (PSUM).

“All of them now promote the organization for the control of agriculture, which in turn aims to politicize and campuses the Marxist-Leninist orientation.”

From May 7 to 9, Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited Cuba for the first time as a federal mandator. Photo: Special.

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“Trador al PSUM ya los marginados”

In a report leaked on July 25, 1983, a DFS agent infiltrated a reunion of PSUM conductors in Tenosique, near Usumacinta, while assuring Lopez Obrador, who serves as president of the static PRI, ” absorbió ”to the socialist leaders, who produce“ notable effects on the communist movement in the state ”, but who qualify it as“ a trader to the PSUM of the marginal class ”.

In this reunion it is assured that algunas shouts that López Obrador has only one act “totally against PSUM”, but others say that the most progressive and revolutionary hacker treaty on PRI. Now they have divided their opinions, some say that the activity of the president of PRI, Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador is totally against PSUM, others who say the most progressive and revolutionary way to harass the PRI.

“All of these conjectures have a reality, and it is obligatory to refer to López Obrador as a trader of PSUM, or the marginal class, and that it is politically the ideology defined is not more than a mechanism used by the present regime steady state for restoring fuels to the most important part, as is PSUM in the stage ”.

Lápiz’s writing on page 51 details the trajectory of López Obrador’s stay in the PRI static conductor, apoyaba economically to PCM and only to communist affiliation. “Cabe sélalar que López Obrador, of communist affiliation, together with the unit under which the campaign of Leandro Rovirosa Wade was carried out by the governor, who carried the cargo of the representative of INI and the economy economically to the PCM entities”.

The final text of the affirmation that Lopez Obrador has only the conductor’s apology indigenous chontalesquienes, tras recibir ayuda, le pidieron dirigir su lucha.

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