Reproductive Medicine: A hit in society

¿Which pods can you count on the Reproduction Assistance Technique?

Assisted Reproduction Techniques (TRA) is a hit in history. From the app, it allowed the birth of more than 7 million people worldwide, claiming that miles of people globally concretize the paternity zone.

Thanks to the exponential increase of technological development, in the ultimate 40 years of TRA, the meaning of a revolutionary revolution is considered to be a dynamic and key concept for a society that is “family”.

The way in which misma is convebida camel the manner of being from a society. The concept of family is not the only exchange of a culture other than evolution evolving through the timing of a community.

Las TRA is denominated as, accurately, because it interviews three people, whether it is a doctor, a biologist, a donor and / or a patient, collaborating with the paternity desk of a couple or persons. The sale is done from the intimate area, and the valve is “assisted” by the other, which favors the storage and traverses of the artificial approximation of the gametes.

Las TRA has been controversial in all its legal, ethical and social dilemmas, but in reality it has an absolute reality.

It is currently possible, for example, to mediate the vitrification of oocytes, which a woman who does not want injected or inclusive maternity, who prefers an oncologic diagnosis, preserves her congenital fertility by using her teeth; an infertile pair that requires in vitro fertilization, mediating pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, biopsy, and studying the embryos anteriorly translocated, to ensure the risk of conceiving the unborn child after 38 embryo sino también avoiding the transfer of genetically abnormal embryos. It is possible that a woman with malignant or menopausal ovules, due to a trace of donated ovules -ovodonation-, or varicose veins with auscultation or seminal alterations, can be used to conceive semen.

Qu What is the Gestation for the Constitution?

The most controversial of all TRA abbeys is Gestation by Establishment (GS).

Misma consists in a treatment of people who want a shadow and can not be gestured, whether it is a case of a pair of men, single men, single women or heterosexual couples, when the husband has no other or other contraindications. The GS requires the figure of the “gestant”, which is the one that accurately accesses an embarkation for other persons or pairs (intentional or client pairs). In Vitro Fertilization is performed to record an embryo, with gametes of the intentional pads or donated gametes, and the embryo is transferred beyond the gestant. At this time, you can not attach the ovules to the embryonic formation, but there is no genetic link with the baby.

At the international level there are many different regulations about this practice; hay pa ques que la prohíben, algunos la admiten con restrictions u otros la aceptan amplene. In Argentina there is a legal silence, the GS is not regulated for regular damping. Five or more, socially in the popular Argentine imagination is a practice that is generally accepted; in a situation that realizes junta1-2 my team in 2020, consisting of 1800 people, counted that 7 out of 10 Argentines are in agreement with the proceeding and a 48% increase the economic compensation as an act “just” for the gestante. ”

If you are a dudas, it is treated as if it is more frequent in our country and has been leaked to you.

Dra. Pamela Nicotra Perassi

Gynecologist-obstetrician specializing in Medicine and Reproductive Genetics

“I have more than 15 years to dedicate myself to treating people with fertility problems, creating in vanguard medicine, in continuous updating and in importing personalized medicine when the objective is maternal, but all of it the fortaleza del vinculo medico-patiente ”.

1. Nicotra P, Nabel A. et al. High level of acceptance of gestational surrogacy despite the absence of legislation in Argentina, Fertility and Sterility 2021. 2. Nicotra P, Nabel A. et al. Imagination on fertility and assisted reproduction techniques in the public opinion Argentina, Samer Reproduction 2020; 35: 22-32


Instagram: @ dra.pamelanicotra


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