Residents: is the moment to escort a car and abandon others

Decía Paulo Coelho: “not only in the midst of latency: lo as the astura wind the obligation of tener that escoger a camino. Escoger un camino significaba abandonar otros ”. This is a place for specialization, as it means leaving a lot of space. Por eso it is complicated by many actions to make a choice like this.

We are at the moment decisive in the professional screws of futuristic specialists, all type of optional. Voy
to focus on a little more in medicine, a majority of people and professional computers.

These days, miles of travel licensed in Medicine, permitim as siga llamándolos así, soy esa epoca de los “licenciados” y ya no puedo cambiar lo que hemos sido siempre. I studied medicine between the years 1974 and 1980, 6 years of licensing, the years that are now, 6 years of the year, by “grade”, a solo excerpt for Medicine. For the sake of it, a “degree and medium” that debería tener your special consideration. There is no need to enter this topic as generating current amplitudes.

Well, these young doctors, the pace at which they study at the college, many of the sabbaths that are spent medically, that for which there is a great deal of effort, have very good notes, the best students. Sabían that in order to enter into medicine necesitaban one of the most high grades in the college and in the selectivity (how to speak now). Do you specialize in medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1974 and do not have a degree of individuality, only a “medical access exam” as a filter to limit the number of students. Mayor stories.

Estos young students terminar sus studios, entraron en medicina, pasaron 6 duros ajo di studio, con muchas horas lektivas, plasses prasikas, mucho trabajo. Terminates your carriers and initiates, including the one that terminates the terminal, the MIR preparation, determines practically a year and a half, while studying 10, 12 o’clock, doing the simultaneous simulations, or going up, down which you find at the time of the exam, at the evaluation of the conjugations, an exam that you can decide to take professionally.

Pero esto no termina ahí. After a long and tight wait, read the exam notes, if you have a number of things, you can calculate how many with the same prevalence, if you do not have the time to choose specialties. To meditate, evaluate pros and cons of each possible selection, and find possible docent units, select more, find in different centers, find major residents, and make your list. ¿Do you have a specialty in the sea that is too narrow for you? Each one has its own inquiries and doubts, each one has its own expectations.

In the end, there are some critics who do not like it. In social media, information such as “game time and result” is quickly displayed. Number 1 belongs to specialty X in hospital tal; the number 6 is the specialty Y in the quality hospital, the specialties are more elegant in the first day son, the hospital Z copies the first places, etc. We are at the moment the evolution of choice. The specialty masses of the atras arrasan in place of primer, the masses of the mantles being cast and then of the first primers. Appear the primers which choose the specialty of family medicine and have the object of notification, which is number 35 in the family elegy, which is the primacy of which the elegy is specialized 8,… Whenever the misma monserga, the misma notices.

Apply the classic firsts of the critique on the motives for taking the first specialties; if you are looking for more goods in the private sector, if you are here and there. This is done by those who are critical of what is rightly thought to be in the service of “Libra la guardia” o si se hacen demasiadas. With each of the manifestations of the joy of the quinces they are shown as a result of their choice.

Sea by sea, the choice is to be observed. Every free law in freedom and thinking in what every one wants. Faltaría m .s. Ya son mayores para tomar sus decisiones y debemos respetarlo. If the bats are compatible with the caliper docet with respect to its laboratory courses or the egg hazer which you like the most, you can eat. Which is a specialty that guarantees to work “fashion”, tambien. Which is what a specialty is that only solida private, can be perfect. Whoever specializes most in the field of investigation, laboratory, with the permission of the patient, can not decide. We live in a free country, we can do what we do or do not do, medicine has many things that we can expect.

Termino. Elige lo que quieras, sin miedos, sin ninguna vergüenzahaz lo que m tes te interese, piensa que tienes 40 años por delante y no siempre es fácil hacer un cambio si te equivocas. Suerte en el elecijón y mucho imonimo.

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