Response Lightyear with scenes from Disney and Pixar

  • A Twitter user decided to respond to Lightyear critics and share a hilarious with the most inappropriate scenes of Disney and Pixar.

  • Movies like Pinocchio, Basil, the detective rat and the other cabbages showed questionable scenes far away from them.

  • The objective of this is to visualize and represent the representation of the LGBTTTIQ community + in China.

In the light of the controversy surrounding the Lightyear movie, a decisive user responded with a grin to the critics against the representation of the LGBTTTIQ community + in China, showing the most beautiful scenes in Disney and Pixar movies.

Luego de que la película Lightyear samples a beso entre a pair of womenmany fanatics, moviegoers and inclusive countries enter their sample at a discount.

The argument is that the sample film “Ideology of gender” and “inappropriate scenes”, because the Disney company, associated with Pixar, separated the contact with many conditions. This is not the case at all, because the curves do not include the critics and some of the people who argue that they do not care about their shadows to see the film.

Respaldan Lightyear: Muestran Scenes Considered by Disney and Pixar

The boycott against the Pixar movie to obtain a response from the many other users who support the LGBTTTIQ + community. Some people consider that the scene is not for the faint of heart and that only Disney and Pixar show up far from those scenes that are much more inappropriate, starting with the original as an example the back of the Blancanieves movie, in which the protagonist finds himself aware of the successor.

For this reason, a user realizes a hilo in a dumb sample of the most inapropadia scenes of the company, with the objective of demonstrating that I believe it is not unnatural, the sea of ​​sexual orientation as the sea.

This is what the Twitter user commented on:

“Even though there are many people who do not fall into the trap of #Lightyear, they believe in each other because they do not consider it appropriate for them. ¿What’s like to give a pass to all the basics even to people who are Disney’s?

Highlights of the scenes that target the presenters through their Twitter account are, for example, where they show themselves as a person Pinocchio fumando, even though they are completely different from other games. A scene that has caused the day of the shooting to be revoked.

One of the iconic scenes Dumbo is one of the most controversial, which in the case of elephant hallucinations is the work of the experimental ebridad. “Wow, wow, Is this a person who presents himself as someone who is deliberately short?“.

Asymmetry, other scenes that include hoy and d esa is an extra tent is part of the ‘Los tres caballeros’ movie where it shows Pato Donald persuading women in Acapulco. Sin duda alguna, podría ser considerado al día de hoy as an apology al acoso sexual, misma that has been replicated by persons of the popular culture of other franchises.

Asa, the continent list escalated in proportion, staging traumatic events such as the death of Disney iconic characters such as mamá de Bambi, Mufasa, Úrsula including what one of the company’s most trusted companies is: the boiler Clayton in Tarzán.

Por mencionar más ejemplos, el usuario rescata la scena de Peter Pan if one of the men is abruptly cut to make it indium, then it must be set to one of the children commanded by the sea for a moment.

As soon as it is done, the usurio party tampered with the beautiful scenes that support the content of Pixar oil. Enter the moment of momentum as a person in Los Increables intentionally suicidal, a subject that for some polemical reason and that of a hoy dea, probably because it was salvaged by the protagonist, continent having a scene of very little repression.

Finally, the death of the person Hopper, antagonist of Bichos, has been shown to be one of the most affected by its content. Can be leveled by the pico of a window, the term given live by the ends of the est.

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