Revelan chats between the fathers of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp that complicate acting: “Te amo, hijo”

David Heard and Paige Parsons, the fathers of Amber Heard, exclaimed their shadow with Johnny Depp by imposing an order of restraint to avoid disarray.

David Heard and Paige Parsons, the fathers of Amber Heard, exclaimed their shadow with Johnny Depp by imposing a restraining order to avoid disarray.

Since the legal battle between them Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, do not only capture the attitudes of the public opinion in all the world, but divide the opinions between who is the victim and who is the victim. The probes that the defenders sample in each audience, in the brand of juicio por difamación that the actor initiates his expression, aumaron aún m las la grieta. In the last hours, se revelaron the conversations that the fathers of Amber, David Heard and Paige Parsons mantuvieron with Depp, and a particular detail alerts the users of the social networks.

If both Heard and Depp have previously seen live situations from this Indole, it is scandalous, quizzes, or even more so at the moment. ¿La razón? Su pelea pas in major instances, in los tribunals estadounidenses. Physical abuse, psychological violence, trauma of personality and manipulation, unleashing the elements that are being treated in Corte. Without embargo, ambos negaron las acusaciones cruzadas.

Among the present presentations, the chats of the Amber ladies are figured. Se trata de the text messages that Depp invites on May 27, 2016, along with the order that Amber interrupts the actor by the following physical aggressions that suffocate. Lo hizo where Johnny’s left to leave a department located in United States, owned by. The conversion took place during Juicio.

The messages that Paige le envi & # xf3;  and Johnny Depp.  (Twitter Capture /)
The messages that Paige le envió a Johnny Depp. (Twitter Capture /)

Between messages, you can read a number of words Paige Parson send it to your exterior, in which it refers to the order of restraint that sucks on it. “They abused the dija que tenia que hacerlo y que tenia que hacerlo hoy. For this quería hablar contigo. I swear it’s not a good idea to buy from Ghana. Le dieron que era su Unica option for no ser expulsion of the department. There is no such thing as excuses, but it’s like that. Ella no quería hacerlo. It is a synthesis that establishes its unique love, but the abbots as well as the opposite ”, assures the woman to interpret in relation to the pedestal of the defenders of Amber.

The Paige continuum, which falls in the year 2020, term the conversion with a gesture that evidences the urgent relation that means: “For the sake of it, no muestres esto si alguna vez hablas nuevamente con Amber. I love you. For the sake of it, I do not use it to know if I want it against me, but for the sake of it ”.

From the lad, the protagonist of Charly in the chocolate factory, The answer: “If you do not want to present a restraining order against me and send a message to the world that I have a violent goalkeeping speculation. Entonces, What about iris al juzgado with a photo of ella parece haber sido abuse? Is this my life, and who’s supposed to think I’s good and bad? Not merezco esto, especially not de ella”.

For your part, the father of Amber, David Heard, sent a message to Deppwhile affirming that the letter obliges the shadow to remove the restraining order. “The abbot of the goddess who only cares or does not tend to live in 30 days”subrayó el hombre, en el que también hizo mención al pedido de desalojo de Depp le envió a su exposa, razón por la cual se generó el conflicto.

The message that David Heard envi & # xf3;  to Johnny Depp, after he & # x20AC; & # x2122; s part of the restraining order & # xf3;

The message that David Heard sent to Johnny Depp, after the restraining order was issued to the actor (Twitter Capture /)

In this context, the users of las redes sociales opinaron sobre el tema en Twitter y dieron su punto de vista al respecto.

”The pads of Amber Heard, David and Paige Heard admire that all of the domestic abusive advertising is a product of Amber Heard abbots”, Apuntó un usuario. “Ladies and gentlemen of Amber Heard do not want to be seen with God, admiran a Johnny Depp”, Consider other persons.

How the conversations show the extrusion of the fan into the family of the protagonist Aquaman and Depp, según consignó el medio Newsweek, in juicio se dejó en claro ninguno los dos tomaron postura por el lado de él. Not obstructive, in social networks their opinions are diverse and generate a debate that pars in tener fin.


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