Russia accuses Ukraine of attacking oil rig platforms in El Negro | Europe | DW

The Russian authorities have been informed on Monday (20.06.2022) that three persons resulted in heridas and that they were unaccounted for by the fact that some Russian oil platforms were set up in the Negro. for Russia against international law, Serguei Aksionov.

“I have been attacked by the Chernomorneftegaz platform on the machine gun. I am in contact with my colleagues from the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Security Service of Russia, we are working to rescue the perpetrators,” said the invading conductor, who agreed. the 12 people who were found on the platform, when they were rescued, “three of them are herdsmen”.

Aksionov, who assures that he is working to find the departed. without specifying which platform will work, Chernomorneftegaz operates various gas and oil fields in the Negro and Azov seas. This is the first report of an anti-corruption platform in Crimea since Russia massively invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Misiles ucranianos

In statements on the Russian television channel Rossiya 24, the Russian leader said in detail that “it has been perpetuated against three platforms” in which “109 people were killed, 21 of which were evacuated.” The first platform on the attack is the one that drives the major ones. In the rest of the platforms no hobo daisos majori ni heridos, and the impleados se preparan para ser evacuados.

Ukrainian diplomat Alexei Goncharenko insures Telegram works that fire a missile with missiles. “The lack of missiles on platforms has reduced Russian gas production in the Negro,” he said. The Chernomorneftegaz company, nationalized in 2014 by Russian authorities annexed Crimea, exploded on the Negro and Azov marine platforms.

The platforms, in which Russian Ejercito is currently installing radar systems, are located within 100 kilometers of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, 150 of Crimea. In a nutshell, the Ukrainian presidential asset Oleksiy Arestovich says that all Russian-style minesweepers are targeting Mar Negro, and that they are against Odessa or Kyiv. By the way, the alarm went off and the alarms went off.



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