Russia and Ukraine: McDonald’s abandons its sales to a single Russian deprived of 30 years

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McDonald's in 1990

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The Russians roamed Moscow for hours on end when they first opened the McDonald’s restaurant in 1990.

For many, the symbol for the autonomy of the end of the Guerra Fría: in 1990, in the celestial Plaza Pushkin de Moscú, miles of Russians hajían filas to try for the first time “the slaves of capitalism”: hamburgers and poppies of McDonald’s.

“It was a symbol of liberty, it was a symbol of communism abused by capitalism, the Soviet Union abused by the Occupy,” said Steve Rosenberg, the Russian editor of the BBC.

The opening of the first restored arcades in Russia is one that is reserved for a variety of Muscovite generations such as the one where a new time is approaching the country: tracks of communism, Russia being cut off and one of the companies of stagnant consumption.

Esa epoca parece haber llegado a su fin.

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