Russia has control of part of Severodonetsk

(CNN) – The Russian forces now control the main part of Severodonetsk, the epicenter of the battlefield in the eastern region of Donbás in Ukraine.

The enchantments on the continental shelf are scattered throughout the eastern city, while the Russian soldiers and the Ukrainian tropics are still fighting in the battlefield.

“The situation is still different. Continental combinations, but most of the city is under Russian control. They are producing some battalions positioned in their calves,” said Serhiy Haidai, governor of the Luhansk region. with the exception of the Donetsk region.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has said that the situation in the strategic city can dictate the outcome of the war in this country.

“Severodonetsk is the epicenter of the confrontation in Donbás,” said Zelensky, who continued his nightly discourse on Wednesday.

“It’s a very ferocious, very different battle … Probably one of the most different of all this war,” he added. “In many sentiments, the destination of our Donbás is decided all.”

Severdonetsk is located in the heart of the Donbás, an industrialized and expanding region in Ukraine that has been testing intermittent combinations since 2014, when separatists split by Russia over control of all territories: the Autoproc the Popular Republic of Luhansk.

Haidai denies that Ukraine has taken full control of the Nitrogen plant in Severodonetsk, as 800 people have been displaced, believing that a function has been suspended by Russia affirming that its Ukrainian combatants have already been established.

“The story about the blockade of the Nitrogen plant is a complete misunderstanding by Russian propagandists,” Haidi told the Telegram messenger app.

Rodion Miroshnik, a Russian-sponsored leader of the Luhansk People’s Republic, claims that up to 400 Ukrainian fighters are refusing to take part in the uprising, which has been fought by many, many civilians and many others. the security of the evacuation of civilians is established in a course.

“The combatants are in the process of demanding haberdashery, saber, permitting them to leave the territory of the chemical plant junta with their rehearsals and proportional to a corridor to and from Lysychansk.

About the number of dead in Mariupol

Ukrainian troops have been fighting intensifying combinations against Russia in the north of Severodonetsk since June 8, 2022.

On the other hand, in Mariúpol, the Office of the Fiscal General of Ukraine informed on Saturday of the 24th anniversary of the addition of the children, the Russian bombardment took place in a middle ground in the port city of Sur.

The blockade is due to the fact that the Russian forces recorded the control of the Azovstal nuclear power plant, while the Ukrainian forces were rejected.

Millions of tons of granite are stored in Ukraine 2:10

This is the total number of minor deaths during the Russian invasion of Ukraine at 287, according to the Office of the Fiscal General in a Telegram publication. More than 492 people found the result herridos during the war, say the communication.

The aggregate communicating that the digits are not complete, or that they are being sought to verify the deaths of people in other places where the combinations are activated.

The office said that 1,971 educational institutions were completely destroyed by the Russian bombers, and 194 of them were completely destroyed.

On May 25, Petro Andrushchenko, an assailant of the Mariupol Alcalde, who was accused of being controlled by Ukraine, told CNN that the Mariupol’s operating system had created more than 22,000 residents of the city. de guerra.

Fresh bunches in a cement store in the city of Mariupol on June 2, 2022.

Notice that the city is being looted against a possible cell wall, given a British intelligence report published on Friday.

Accessible water, Internet connection and telephone services are not only accessible in the occupied territories of Russia and Ukraine, according to the information, which reflects the preoccupations of the well-to-do Ukrainian service providers. civilian population in the areas that have been occupied.

“Ukraine definitely prevails”

Given that the Russian forces were advancing in control of the regions under Ukraine and increasing the number of civilian casualties, Zelensky had a firm mandate in his post that Ukraine was supporting Russia’s invasion.

Hablando in a special virtual discourse for the Shangri-La Dialogue, the main conference of the defense of Asia, Zelensky said that Ukraine “definitely prevails” in its war against Russia.
“This is the confrontation between the possible, which is not enough and many people in the world do not need it, and it is impossible, but Russia is not desperate,” said Zelensky.

Aggregate Russia considers itself as a “colony” and establishes all possibilities for hacer imposing that Ukraine “exists free and independently”.

“Russia desperately wants to use its land, resources and water in its greatest interest. Russia desperately wants to occupy the territory it has (occupied), which is literally all over the place,” Zelensky said.

“It’s one of the only battlefields in Ukraine where the futures rules of the world are deciding with the limits of what is possible,” said Zelensky.

Zelensky’s advertisement for the Russian blockade of the Black Sea 0:48

“We salute the world inside the volumes and all the time when it is decided at the base of the plate right from the bottom and when it comes to big ideas and their ideas, and the struggle of nations, not just importation,” said Zelensky.

The President of Ukraine instructed the leaders to hack the sea because it is necessary to “break the capacity of Russia and the other way around the world to block the seas and allow the freedom of navigation”.

Zelensky advised that, out of nowhere, a “crisis of agitation and famine and famine” would be produced in many parts of Asia and Africa. Aggregate as the Negro sea, which trains from Ukraine to export most of its foodstuffs before the Russian invasion, has been converted into a more volatile flow of the world.

Since commenting on the war, Russia has been firmly convinced that Ukraine is exporting goods from its ports, feeding the themes of a global food crisis.

Members of the war, Russia and Ukraine representing the top half of the 30% of world trade, and Ukraine is the fourth largest exporter in the world and the fifth largest exporter in the world, according to the US Department of State. The World Food Program of the United Nations, which seeks to combat world food insecurity, approximate the value of each of the three Ukrainian countries that advertises the resulting consequences if the Ukrainian ports are not removed.

“Damas y caballeros, esto agradecido por su apoyo a Ukrania, estoy agradecido por su attencion a Ukrania, a nuestro país.

CNN’s Kostan Nechyporenko, Jonny Hallam, Joshua Berlinger and Maria Knight contribute to the report.

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