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About 60 warships, launches and abacus boats take part in the tactical naval maneuvers planned by the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Army, which is considered to be (09.06.2022) in the Baltic Sea and in the fields of the Kal region . This, in the midst of the tension with OTAN, due to the invasion launched by Moscow against Ukraine on the 24th of February and the support of Sweden and Finland to join the military alliance led by the EE.UU.

“During the exercises, about 60 warships, launches and dump trucks, more than 40 aircraft and helicopters, and up to 2,000 units of nuclear equipment from the Baltic Fleet,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. . Seg eln el mando ruso, las maniobras se extenderán hasta el próximo 19 de junio.

“In the exercise of the naval tactical groups within the Baltic Fleet part of its bases and deploy in their destination areas in the Baltic Sea to complete the training missions of the defense of their internal communications and bases fleet “, said Defense. On Tuesday, 20 Russian or Habibian bucks participated in an exercise in the area.

“More important than now”

The objectives of the maneuvers dislodged by the Russian forces as the increase in the level of preparation of the tropics and the military mandate of the Baltic Fleet increase the casting force. The present maneuvers precede special abasement exercises, as well as practitioners for poner and lasers at the maximum alert stage.

OTAN sails from the cape to its domed maniobras naval annuals a gran escalation in the Baltic Sea, denominated “Baltops 22”, which lasts until June 17. “Given the current security situation along the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the large-scale training exercises that are one of the most important for the OTAN,” said Commander Aéreo Aliado and General Jeff Harrigian.

The Baltic Sea, a strategic area, has been transformed into a center of attraction since the announcement of its succession between Sweden and Finland to join OTAN, an organization that Moscow considers hosting its interests.

DZC (EFE, AFP, Europa Press)


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