Russian and Ukrainian tanks have a design defect. Occidente lo sabe

(CNN) – Russian tanks with the upper part of the government are the only recent seo that the Russian invasion of Ukraine does not follow the plan.

It seems that Russian tank buyers have no doubt that Moscow launched its offensive, and the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, estimated the lunar eclipse at 580.

Some of Moscow’s most important problems are the number of tanks that have been removed. Experts say that the images from the battlefield show that Russian tanks are suffering from a defect that the military also knows how to decompose and that they refer to as a “jack-in-the-box” effect. Moscow, dicen, debió haber visto venir el problema.

Falla se selaciona con cómo se almacenan las ammunës de los tanques. In contrast to modern Western tanks, Russians carry multiple double-barreled projectiles. These are very vulnerable hairs, which, including an indirect sledgehammer, can initiate a chain reaction that explodes all over its stockpile of up to 40 projectiles.

The resulting wavelength can be sufficient to increase the torque of the tank as high as a copy of the piss, as can be seen in a video that has been published recently on social media.

A man inspecting a tank destroying Russian airspace 40 kilometers west of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

“What we observe with the Russian tanks is a fallacy of design,” said Sam Bendett, an assistant at the Russian Studies Center Program for a New Estate Security.

“Coolquier golpe exitoso … rapidly catching ammunition causing a large explosion, and the tower literally flies.”

Significance depends on the size of the reaction on the tank, generally on the surface and on the fly.

“If you do not sell in the first place, it’s free”.

The “jack-in-the-box” effect

Drummond claims that explosive ammunition is causing problems for all armored vehicles such as Russia and Ukraine. The sample of the BMD-4 infantry comb vehicle is typically tripoded for up to three persons and can be transported to other soldered zinc. Dijo que el BMD-4 era a “ataúd móvil” que “simlemente fue destruido” cuando l impactó un cohete.

Pero la falla in the design of your tanks debería on particularly mortifying for Moscow, that the problems are fully documented.

He blamed the Western militia for firing on Gulf fighters against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, using a number of Russian-made T-72 tanks from the Iraqi Air Force to carry out their missions: torpedoes firing from their wells. antitanque.

Drummond says that Russia has not been surprised by Iraq’s lectures and that, consequently, many of its tanks in Ukraine present similar designs with their automated cargo systems.

When the T-90 series, the T-72 surgeon, entered service in 1992, it had better armor, but with a permanent load-bearing system similar to its predecessor, the same as the vulnerable one, says Drummond. The T-80, another Russian tank that operates in the invasion of Ukraine, has a similar missile cargo system.

A Russian tank is destined to be located in the city of Dmytrivka, Ukraine.

Hay algunos benefits for a system of this type. Bendett, of the Center for New American Security, acknowledged that Russia’s struggle is a system for securing space and giving tanks a much-needed profile, the most diverse goal-scoring solution in battle.

Under the embargo, the western airplanes were pulsed to act on the destination of the T-72 in Iraq.

“(The Western militias) are approaching the Gulf of Guerra and destroying tanks that are currently operating at the same time,” said Drummond.

The Stryker infantry fighting vehicles were evacuated from a stairway that was devastated by the war in Iraq.

“There is a torrent that assists in the superior part, and there is no torrent in the tripartite partition. “Supplements that assist in the superior part and all the ammunition are in the center of the tower”, dijo. “Entonces, si torreta es golpeada y volada, tripulacún aún está a salvo debajo. Ese es unceño miy intelligent.”

Other western tanks, such as the M1 Abrams used by the EE.UU. and algunos ejércitos aliados, son more grande y no tienen carrusel. In the Abrams, a quarter of the triplicate in the projectile recuperator of a cell unit and transfer the weapon to disperse.

Russian tanks

The Ukrainian military killed a Russian tanker in a car bomb in the city of Rusaniv in Kyiv province on April 16.

The compartment has a door where the membrane of the tripod and hole between each tank is located, which means that if it hits the tank, it is likely that only when projecting a projectile into the tower.

“A small ball can be fired from the tank, but it does not necessarily measure the trip,” said Bendett.

And Drummond knows that missiles used by Western militias only have the highest calorie generated by an incoming missile, but not exploded.

Replacement diffraction

It does not have the simple form of saber-toothed Russian singers or destroids in Ukraine. The Oryx online intelligence monitor monitors the site on April 28 with more than 300 Russian tanks destroyed, and some 279 abandoned, abandoned or captured.

As an embargo, the site only has instances in which there is no visual evidence, but which is why most Russians rely on a lot of major.

Russian tanks

A Russian tank was destroyed, with a flying torpedo, destroyed by a battle near Járkiv, Ukraine.

You are not alone in your team solo. Cuando Wallace, the British defense secretary, estimated that 580 tanks per day at Cámara de los Commune had more than 15,000 Russian soldiers killed during the invasion.

It is different to count the number of triplets of tanks, except that it is not in doubt that the triplets are not replicated.

To train a tank trip about 12 months ago, said Aleski Roinila, extruding a tank into the Fuerzas de Defensa de Finland, “and this is considered fast”.

And Russia replicates the buyers of tripods at this point of the war a series of different types, especially when the tanks that are expected to be defective.

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