Russian Invasion IN VIVO: Poland confirms arms sales to Ukraine for more than 700 million dollars

Poland confirms arms sales to Ukraine for more than 700 million dollars
Poland confirms arms sales to Ukraine for more than 700 million dollars

Ukraine luchará para recuperar todo su terrazor occupied by por las fuerzas rusas, dijo Zelensky, mientras sus tropas luchaban calle a calle en Severodonetsk en una las batallas terrestres más sangrientas de la guerra. “Ya hemos perdido demasiada gente como para ceder simlemente nuestro territorio“, Said Zelensky by videoconferencing in an act organized by the British periodical Financial Times.

A total of 263 children died and more than 467 children died in Ukraine since commenting on the Russian invasion on February 24, according to Fiscal General Office data published on the Telegram channel, informs the agency Ukrinform.

The presidents of Latvia and Lithuania, Egils Levits and Gitanas Nauseda, respectively, hicieron an increase in the military presence of OTAN in the Baltic states against the Russian invasion of Ukrainefrom time to time to celebrate the Alliance in the June finals in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Continuation, minute by minute of the invasion of Russia and Ukraine (Ukraine time, GMT + 3):

June 8:

5.25: New comet irregularities in the Kremlin tropics, continuing their invasion of Ukraine, have been recordedshould consider the testimony of those persons who are deported to the territory.

“We do not choose elevimos”. The Ukrainians abandoning Mariupol, strategically ported by the Russians, AFP What Russia’s obligation to go to another part of the Ukrainian region, a policy that Kiev compares to “deportations”.

Estimates of Kiev, more than a million civilians fleeing against their voluntary fire in the middle of the bombed-out territories initiated by the Kremlin tropics.

4.47: Ukraine wants all necessary work to obtain candidate status for membership of the European Union (EU), but now corresponds to the member stages given their opinion in respectsaid the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

In a gruesome video with a message directing the nation and diffuse local Ukrainian agencies, Zelensky refers to the formal solicitation realized but país to enter to form part of the European block.

“We celebrate a reunion on communication with the European Union and the individual stages of our individual form on our solitude (before entering the EU) and the acquisition of a candidate status,” said Zelensky.

3.30: The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, informs that Warsaw signs the contract for the export of arms to Ukraine “more than 30 years old”for a value of up to 700 million dollars.

“Now we have signed one of the major contracts of the last three deciles: the sale of weapons to the Ukrainians. “These weapons are probable and we must be very important in the battlefield,” the Polish Chancellor said in a statement.

The first Polish minister announcing the finalization of the fabric products and the new prototype of the new Borsuk floating infantry combi vehicleproduced in Huta Stalowa, the largest producer of military equipment in the country.

02.44: The former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, whitewashed critics from the beginning of the Ukrainian guerrilla war on Russia’s policy, affirms that she has not made any remarks since she was present, saying “she avoids tragedy” .

In the first public comparison from where the cargo was taken six months, the explicit mandate that for example In the summer of 2021, a European initiative for the flight of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to the table of dialogue, will take place.

Do not obstruct, at the same time, the “tranquility” saber that exerts itself to the maximum to impress the current situation and that there is total confusion in the gesture of its culprit, Olaf Scholz, indicating a charle in Berlin organization by editorial Aufbau.

01.38: Ukraine announces that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visits Zaporizhia’s nuclear power plant, controlled by Russian forceswhich with the word “legitimizes the permanence of the occupants”.

Energoatom, the static company for nuclear energy production, manifests that a visit to the central silo is possible when it is under new Ukrainian control and headed by the head of the OIEA, Rafael Mariano Grossi, to think that Kiev has solidarity via .

In a message to the Telegram account, Energoatom records that the director general of the OIEA announced the dumping of an expert mission to the plant of Zaporizhzhia, the mayor of Europe, with the motive that he wanted to transmit data to the organism about the state of nuclear materials.

Ukraine finds that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visits Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, controlled by Russian forces
Ukraine finds that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visits Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, controlled by Russian forces

00.46: The self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk (RPD), in this part of Ukraine, opens its Embassy in Moscow in the June finals or November principles, after being informed of the points of the region by the Russian news agency TASS.

“The series of June finals or the principles of July, it is safe (…) Now we are alone in the renovation of the installations”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RPD, Natalia Nikanorova.

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