Russian magnates are being invaded by Ukraine

In most of the transcurrides from which Russia invaded Ukraine, silence, including the acquisition, of the Russian elite has been commented on and dismantled.

In the event that public opinion reports report abusive publicity to the military campaign, in the midst of the ubiquitous static propaganda and new leashes that test the critics of the war, the com- munities of the sample and the sample. The divisive lines between the Russian elite’s elite positions are more than just branded, and magnate’s, especially the ones that haunt the fortunes against which President Vladimir Putin has been harassing, commenting, tentatively.

For the most part, the most mediated infusion has some sort of problem. The implications of sanctions imposed on Occidente have led to a new curtain of hierros on the Russian economy, condensing tens of millions of dollars of much of the activation of magnets in the car.

“On the one hand, it destroys what constructs a lot of noise. It’s a catastrophe,” he said, adding that he was convicted by many of the other men more than any other country to run with Putin on the day of the invasion.

Casa Blanca wants to pressure the oligarchs or the youth to launch an offer to liquidate their assets and donate money to Ukraine.

The four oligarchs who triumph in the more liberal era of Putin’s predecessor, President Boris Yeltsin, are leaving Russia. In addition to all the other functionalities, the cargoes are being abandoned and the country abandoned, even more so by Anatoly Chubais, a special envoy of the Kremlin for the substantial derailment and dice of privatizations in the Yeltsin era.

However, in superior vertical positions for the continuous continuous operation of the permanent parts, atrapados algunos, incapacities of the incised incisors as well. In particular, the head of the Russian central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, of the modest and very respectful buoys, presents a renaissance due to the imposition of Western sanctions, but Putin is neglected, because some people are familiar with the situation.

In interviews, various Russian multimillionaires, other bankers, a high-functioning and ex-functionary, who talk about the condition of anonymity by the theme of reprisals, describing how many and many other people have been shocked and frustrated by each and every president impotent to influence on each other because the intimate circuit is dominated by a range of long-line safety features.

These public ventilation valves are now mostly silent and centered mainly in the economically responsive manner provided by the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Occupied Territories. Nadie has been directly criticized by Putin.

Vladimir Lisin, a bigot who wants to fortify himself in the Yeltsin era, criticizes a proposal in the Russian parliament to oppose sanctions imposed on foreign contractors paid in rubles for a list of basic gas products. In an interview with the Muscovite diary, I said that the media outlet corrects the risk of sociability of export conditions in which Russia “has been declining for decades” and advised that “a transfer of payments in ruble alone will take place within the expiration date “.

Vladimir Potanin, owner of the Rilsk Nickel metal plant and architect of the Russian privatization of the 1990s, advised that the proposals to confiscate the activation of the foreign companies abandoning Russia had the right to confiscate the confiscated property. retroced to the country during the 1917 revolution.

Oleg Deripaska, an aluminum magnate who used the initial force during the Yeltsin era, said more than anything else, leaving a “locality” in the Ukrainian war because it was centered on the economical cost of invasion. It is stated that the economic crisis resulting from the series of sanctions only three years after the financial crisis of 1998 that shocked the Russian economy, and came to the forefront of Putin’s regime, saying that the policies of capitalism in the last 14 years han conducts “neither the economic creation nor the creation of the inclinations of the population”.

In a poster post on the Telegram channel, Deripaska described that the actual “conflicting arms” era was “a place where we can not move much faster”. In the following oraration, without embargo, indicates that Occidente is now culpable of an “infinite ideological mobilization of all the lads”.

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