Russia’s inflation rate

(CNN Español) – Russia’s mantle on the shores of the city of Severodonetsk, considered by Ukraine to consolidate the Donbás region, in the continuation of the war that exceeds 100 days.

Además, Vladimir Putin justifies in the ultimatums when the war is compared to that of Pedro el Grande, a Russian monarch who reached the finals of the XVII invasion of Sweden. “We tend to excite in the solution of the tareas that we tend to”, affirm.

The main notices of this are from the guerrilla warfare.

Biden culpa from the war of Russia in Ukraine from the continent high inflation

The president of the EU, Joe Biden, reacted to the news from the Consumer Price Index that it was already showing a steady stream of inflation, claiming that the anti-inflation target is a “key economic priority” as well. of the very high continuities of the invasion without provocation of Russia and Ukraine.

“Including a couple of continuous steps to work for the defender of liberty in Ukraine, we have to do more — and fast — for the city where the precision is in the United States,” Biden said in a statement.

“Putin’s precision is dripping with water here and there in the world: the very high gasoline in the coil, the energy and the food represent the medium of the material, the precise mental elements, and the precise “Gasoline in the coil has a US $ 2 per gallon value in many places where the Russian tropes supply and supply Ukraine,” said Biden.

Supply light from oil and gas companies and get instant “excellent benefits”.

“Precisely in these areas, an important part of inflation, and the war in Ukraine, is an important cause of this. It is important to note that the petroleum, gas and refined industries of this country do not use the crane bed by the Ukrainian government as a way to make money for families with a number of benefits. de precios “, said Biden in the communication.

Biden pledged to Congress that legislation should be enacted to raise the stakes against those who are more precise.

“Pido al Congreso that a ley project is being implemented to reduce the costs of sending it to me, and that I have to pay for it, because we can see the exact price of the products,” Biden said in a statement.

Continuing the intense combinations in the city center of Severodonetsk, following the Ukrainian authorities

The Ukrainian forces affirm at the last hour that the battle for the city of Severodonetsk continent is over.

“The situation is constantly changing. Our defenders are pointing at the line of defense, leveling the line of defense,” said Serhiy Hayday, head of military administration in the eastern region of Luhansk, Ukraine, on television.

“Combat more incarnizados continent in Severodonetsk”, says Hayday. The city has every test of intense combinations in the last days.

Hayday accuses the Russians of using “mentiras and propaganda” to claim victory in Severodonetsk.

Since “the Russians have been informed that the city has been destroyed”, the function, the Russian forces have retaliated against all of them.

Oleksandr Striuk, head of the military administration in Severodonetsk, says he lives on television that has “constant combinations of heat”.

“The humanitarian situation in the city is critical. The point is difficult, but it is impossible to intervene mercantilely. There is no water supply,” said Striuk.

Millions of tons of granite are stored in Ukraine 2:10

“Las Fuerzas Ukrainian Arms now controlling a third of the city,” he said, adding that “very different Severodonetsk [si cae]”.

Hayday says he does not fly directly into the city of Lisychansk, except for the heavily bombed Russian forces in the area. If the Russian troops take control of Lisychansk and Severodonetsk, all of the Luhansk region will take control of Moscow.

In an essay, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated that the situation in the two frontiers in the Donbás region is the motto “with significant exchanges”

“Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and other cities of the Donbás, which the occupants consider ahora objective object, are resisting”, said in a nocturnal discourse is juveves.

“We have a positive attitude in the Zaporiyya region, where we conspires to frustrate the planes of the occupants. We are gradually advancing in the Járkiv region, releasing our land here.

Putin compared Pedro el Grande and suggested that Russia was justified in invading Ukraine

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, visited the multimedia exposition Pedro el Grande: the birthplace of the Empire, in the historical park Russia – Mi Historia, in the VDNKh, on the 9th of June. (Photo: Presidency of Russia)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared himself to Pedro el Grande, a Russian monarch of the 17th century, using this comparison to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Durant from a visit to the juvenile and a exposition dedicated to the Russian emperor, Putin intends to compare the conquest of Sweden by Pedro el Grande in the XVIII century with the prophecy of the military invasion of Ukraine at the moment.

In his comments, Putin argued that Pedro el Grande did not conquer, as if he were fighting over a territory that legitimately claims to be Russia.

Establishing a parallelism with the current war in Ukraine, suggesting that recent military actions by Russia – those whose tropes have destroyed various Ukrainian nations and measured in miles, months, and inaccurate nations – have been justified, but national soberana legítima, sino, de hecho, Russian territory.

“¿Por qué fue [Pedro el Grande] allí? “preguntó Putin,” se recuperó y fortificó. “Even though our destiny is retorted and fortified, we assume that these basic values ​​form the basis of our existence, while we tend to be excited about the solution of the parts that are tense,” Putin said.

Putin has repeatedly stated that the European Union does not recognize St. Petersburg as Russia in principle, equating the current situation in the occupied territories with Russia, including Crimea, that the United States and its European allies have not recognized it.

Putin’s statements demonstrate a “toma sangrienta bajo pretextos artificial”, dice a Ukrainian function

A Ukrainian official responds to the affirmation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, like Pedro el Grande, is destined to “reclaim and fortify” the legitimacy of Russia.

“Putin’s confession about the plot of land and the comparison with Pedro el Grande demonstrated that no hubo ningún ‘conflicto’, since the song sangriente país has artificial pretexts of genocide of the population,” said Mykhailo Podolyfe, Mykhailo de Podolyfe the Office of the President of Ukraine, followed by Twitter.

“No debemos hablar de ‘salvar la cara [de Rusia]’, sino de su inmediata desimperialización “, dijo.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, called on the world to “not humiliate Russia” in order to allow diplomatic conversations.

In an interview broadcast by the BBC, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, insisted: the liberation of Donbás era is the main objective, which is being ignored at the moment “.

Ukraine cree that Russia can continue the war “at the current pace” lasting a year

Ukraine’s military intelligence direction is such that Russia can continue to oppose each other, advocating that Ukraine is significantly superior to France.

“The Kremlin conductors are probably deliberately trying to get the war going at a pace to accommodate the Occupy who are leaning on the sanctions, while continuing the Principality of Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.” “Russia’s economic resources are allowed to occupy the country continuously at the current pace of running at a very high rate.”

“Ukraine has one artillery piece for every 10 to 15 pieces of Russian artillery,” said Vadym Skibitsky, of the Principal Intelligence Directorate, in an interview with The Guardian and distributed by the Principal Intelligence Directorate. “Por lo tanto, todo depende ahora del arma nos den los socios occidentale”.

No doubt, Ukraine knows that Russia is a modern weapon.

“It has been observed that Russia is expecting a lot of small missiles with missiles and that Kh-22 missiles have been used,” said Skibitsky. “These are Soviet-style missiles from the 1970s. It is demonstrated that Russia is one of the highest precision missiles.”

Ukrainian officials inform the death toll of Russian civilian bombings

Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the military administration of the Ukrainian region of Dnipropetrovsk, affirming that the city of Kryvyi Rih, located in the center of the country, is now the constant source of Russian power.

“The communities of Zelenodolsk and Shyrokiv are the most crowded. Eventually, all the people died: 179 houses, dormitories, an infirmary and a hospital destroyed or destroyed,” Reznichenko said.

The security feature that Kryvyi Rih’s cities and towns are “rocket-propelled grenade launchers and bombers” that has problems with gas, electricity and water supply.

In Járkiv, five people were killed and at least 14 were injured in what became known as Oleh Syniehubov, head of the regional military administration.

The war of trincheras is taking place in Ukraine 4:38

“The envy of attacking the Járkiv region, in particular the assassinations in the northern and northern directions,” said Syniehubov, adding that they were the first to establish residential units in Zolochiv.

“Cinco casas fueron destruidas. El enemigo también ha attacado hoy el district of Chuhuiv”, dijo Syniehubov est jueves en a round of pragundas u respeste emitaste direct by the Ukrainian national television.

Syniehubov claims that the Ukrainian armed forces “mantenen their positions in the north and north directions.”

Terror about the civilian population“The reason why the Russian military is bombing civilian infrastructure is that there are currently no visible Russian and Ukrainian airmen in the Járkiv region,” Syniehubov said in response. terror of the civilian population. “

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