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The decade of up to 20 hours is the ideal stage to enter the real world and inflate it into the type of screw you want. Adapting to the majority of age and liabilities that can be considered as a whole. Especially if you do not have enough mental health. Por eso, la Psicología and therapist Dayana Chávez of “PsicoDespierta” explicitly stated that you can work to increase your physical and emotional well-being.

Dialogue with your interior

The first thing you need to do to get good mental health is the internal dialogue. Reconcer all your virtues, fortunes, debilitations and honesty about what you think about your misma is the best camino for which you know the best and the relations of salutable form with those which are rodean, in accordance with psychology. You can practice meditation, yoga or any other technical technique that connects you to your interior.

Elige pensar en positivo

Ser feliz is a decision. However, new responsibilities and those that you are interested in at this stage are turning different, it is up to you to decide which form will affect you and how to approach it. Seg lan la terapeuta, is necesario que entienda que dialogë internio en el que debes trabajar is a process of transformation hacia algo positivë, a mejora in the form in la te te auto percibes. Do not bet with solo reconcover how to affect different situations, sino también debes has a more empathetic and tolerant contingent activity.

Maneja adequately tus emotions

A new stage comes with new emotions. Por eso, debes aprender a Recognize your emotional prophecies about what you can do with a hay shape. Always keep in mind that all your emotions are valid. If you are a senior and have limited responsibilities you should not decide that emotional emotions are prohibitive for you, even if your emotions do not reach the level of witchcraft. Además, it’s not uncommon to find that you do not have emotional or small emotions, all of which are part of the screw for trying to create emotional balance, depending on the psychologist.

Haz lo que te apasione

You are in the throes of being hacked or passionate about converting to the main engine of your screw. No dejes que la luz en ti se empiece a apagar. Atrévete a aprender nuevas cosas, conocer nuevas personas y disfrutar de aquello que te hace feliz. Así sea marathoner tu serie favorita o aprender una nueva habilidad, tism misma tienes el poder para crear tu propia felicidad en el día a día.

Balance all the winds of your life

Studios, work, family, friends, amorousas relations: all and every one of these aspects are igual of important when treating the emotional bienestar. If you only get bloated and unhappy, it is most likely that you will be abused or traumatized by stress, anxiety, or depression in your 30s. There is nothing that can be done in the body and alma mater at the same time this year. Set the default time to feed all aspects of your life.

Enfócate en el ahora

Allow up to 20 many of them to be poured into the market to alleviate the metas that are projected to the future as they tend to have a negative effect as they move at the extreme. As it is attached to the pass, it is also worn in the future. From the point of view of the psychologist, the only one about what you can do is real now, but it is not necessary to infuse the discus into the fireplace and the process at this stage of your youth. Do not fly up to 20, as if you were trying to reach the maximum.

Regulate your exposure to social media

Quizás do not feel sorry for the sobreexponerte impact on the social networks when they are teenagers, but they are happy until 20. Now, you are responsible for the consequences that I have encountered, but I must be more conscious than you are. sobre lo que recibes. De acuerdo a la terapeuta, es importante be conscious and selective within the information that the receiver receives. It should be positive and report to you bienestar, but it is recommended that you only count and consume content that you feel comfortable and do not count too much.

No physical activity activity

As long as you are a hobby or a sport, many young people relate to physical activity in the last place. The studios, the work and the social life are struggling to capture your momentum and timing, but it is necessary that you tighten it when no hay bienestar sin el equilibrio entre lo physical and emotional. Follow the psychologist, dedicating one minute or so of part of your screw style sufficient to find balance. Sort by car, prioritize walkers, transport by bicycle or incl.

Cultivation relations sanas

Nowadays, you can easily free yourself from the candidacy of people who can be lazy (whether at a familiar, friendly, or amorous level), but it is important that you prioritize calibrating yourself before singing. In order for your relations to be significant and used with time, it is not necessary that they be adjusted in a salutable form.. From the point of view of the therapist, empathy plays an important role and should be taken seriously in the relationship. Además, esta debe ir de la mano con la honestidad. If you are a person who acts or acts as a filter and records all your emotions and sentiments; no solo debes c Questionarla a ella, sino también a ti misma. Seg lan la specialist, tú misma tienes el poder de poner limits y decidir a quiénes incluir en tu vida.

Dedicate a time to your community

Invert your time into any activity that is not part of your bonds to offer benefits at an emotional or spiritual level. Hacer extracurricular activities, voluntary or complementary sis an active member of your community can be very free and raise your self-esteemalways and when the motivation venga of ti misma and lo hagas with the satisfaction that it is a guarantee for a “nosotros” and not only for a “yo”, to be accompanied by the psychologist.


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