Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

One of the most telescopic galleys in the 80s Salvador Pineda, currently 70 years old, having exhausted alvido due to some of the products that do not contract, situation that differs from actor, which hacks the semen suffers from a disease that causes you to be hospitalized in a private nosocomio because you do not have to pay for it, and even though it is currently being treated, the ANDA (National Association of Actors) has not yet commented. Respectfully, we do not have a friend in Salvador:

-We are not interested in the actor Salvador Pineda suffering a severe accident…
“Yes, the semen can be smuggled into your house and you can use a machine gun, even if you want to go to the emergency room of a private hospital.”

-¿Por qué se cayó?
“Because there are so many problems with walking because the nervous system is not working, and at this point the flow of a way is very strong.”

-Dices that flow from emergency to a hospital…
“Effectively, you run to a hospital, all over the CDMX; “If you want to intervene, or if your last one is last but not least, you will be hospitalized and you will be cared for.”

-¿Which is your reference?
“It informs you that your account is elevated due to the operation you are practicing, but all the costs generated and hospitalization, and that Salvador is very concerned and determined to stay in the hospital, before ensuring the correctness of the account.”

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-¿Por qué?
“The economic situation is not the most urgent, in September 2020, we started an interview that established the texture, living in the open, which is not only difficult; that no había movies, no theater, no television, and that estaba muy desesperado ”.

-¿No lo contract?
“No, it’s ultimate that hizo fue in 2018 las series Sin mido a la verdad y La casa de las floras, y en 2020 participi en la pelcula that la verdad se las ha visto muy negras ”.

-¿Ya no tiene ahorros?
“Habidah is solid enough with your ahors, but now with this hospital being away from the clutches of the ANDA (National Association of Actors), which is an ambulance with the mandarin and Salvador and your
que salirse del hospital solo ”.

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-¡Cómo! …
“Yes, you need an ambulance to return to your home, but because you have established a hospital staff and not only dinosaurs for more guests, but ANDA does not order an ambulance.”

-¿A dónde se fue?
“Se regresó a su casa e hizo nuevamente un buen de llamadas a la ANDA, pero se niegan a ayudarlo”.

-¿Y qué ha pasado?
“Solo su amigo, the actor Josafat Luna, in his social networks control the situation and want an urgent message from the social computers of ANDA before they come and pressure him before the rehabilitation of Salvador that he is in the hospital while the members of this institution; and get an ambulance for a search ”.

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-¿Y for what’s it?
“Josafat señaló to Gabriel Roustand, who is working in the Social Prevention of ANDA, as well as the person who is being beaten in the hospital in El Salvador.”

-¿Por qué?
“The exact motive is inconsistent, even though it is a subject with quotations, but not exactly; inclusive, algo parecer algo pasó with Josafat ”.

-¿Which is your reference?
“One day after the fire broke out in Ayvada for El Salvador, I lost the publications; “I’m sure it’s right for Salvador not to be separated.”

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-Which is in El Salvador currently in this situation?
“His unconditional assistant, Edgar Carrero, and other family members from Morelia who come to visit.”

-¿Y sus hijos ?, se dicho que tiene diez con diferentes mujeres,
“Even though it was said that he was like this, Salvador was only reconciled that he had four; inclusive, in the 2020 interview campaign, it was announced that no one will be able to hear much of what is going on, that the only one who has contact only with a person who is in Tijuana, in reality, is that their voices will not be heard. de él ”.

-¡Que sad! …
“Yes, but for honesty, Salvador nunca has always been a good father, he recalled that he died in September of last year, he immediately started to grow up in the shadow of Aaron Salvador Pineda, 32, who has autism and schizophrenia. that this grave is formed by the formation of pedestals in the vesicle and that it is formed in the same way, as Salvador can not expect algo from elos ”.

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-Commentabas that Salvador does not want to be separated from reality…
“Así es. By means of your assistant, the media saves you from being bullied for being interviewed, all of which is falling, minimizing the situation by neglecting the sidewalk, saying that you only pull the side, proving that the hubby is tight of the private hospital because of the current account and,’s, the argument that it is “.

-But what is this?
“Salvador always has a very strong character, not the taste that the vein is very weak in feeling, not that the gent separates itself from being bad; además, is waiting for a positive response from ANDA, and depends on it if it is not guaranteed at all, as if it is not ayudan, but I am very sure that it reconciles the different economic situation that is still alive, but de dónde obtener ayuda ”.

Salvador Pineda enfrenta momentos difíciles y nadie ha querido ayudarlo

-Currently, how much is waiting for your rehabilitation?
“Mentras recibe alguna respuesta de la ANDA, se lo lvavronon na ínínica clinika, que no nos han dicho cuál’s, pero sabemos que es de bajo costa, accessible economically, y sus amigos, así algunos familia, están apoyando para y ahí le están dando la atención medica ”.

– Physically, how do you find it?
“Afortunadamente, el pilero al parecer ya pasó; dicen que el panorama pinta favorable, pero la verdad sí necesita rehabilit y y ojalá lo atiendan y lo apoyen econimimente, pues los ahorros se terminan ”, concluyó.


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