Sandra Bullock’s retort from China spins a graduation lesson for Hollywood to note

The exit is accompanied by a Sandra Bullock. I do not know The city curtain, the comedy of adventures that coprotagonized right now to Channing Tatum is 2022, which has overshadowed the barrier of 100 million dollars in the United States and is raising 200 in total internationally. And that Bullock nunca has been on a high caliber star in Hollywood, including now solo parecen funcionar blockbusters en taquilla. Without an embargo, there is an exit of exhausts and holes in the industry, the actress has at the moment recorded a descent. Y lo hace por a razon that supone toda a vital lecture.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of 'The City Curtain' in London (Photo: Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of ‘The City Curtain’ in London (Photo: Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

I was contacted by an interviewer The Hollywood Reporterdonde has been analyzed to analyze the implications of this ultimate work and has been reflected on its desperation in the enduring industry as a whole. And it is known that initially the idea is about what is present The city curtain in the era of his aggression, he was plagued by a stereotype of comedy stereotypes that voluptuously constitutes a great masculine figure as protagonist. In this sense, Bullock, as a producer and actress, accepted Paramount to work in the project with a variety of conditions: that the papers are invisible, that the paper is more heroic and audible, and that infinite feminine awareness develops.

“There are no obstacles for the female person”Bullock account. “I like that my character is only 25 years old. “I find that I have a lot of people who have a lot of aspects of it that are not traditionally shown in cells, but only because they are the hero of the action.”continuously about the implications of the trauma of The Curtain.

Pero the implications of the actress are much greater than all else, since it stems from the fact that it persists in holding the screen in the corners of the film and does not condense into streaming. Precisely, the reasons that Bullock’s defense for the defender are determined to be the treatment of a mold that grows in the field of romantic comedies, and since the pandemic persuades the fluorescence of their platforms, it feels like it The city curtain as a rule for what the pen pays the price of an entry.

The results are in the view, without embargo, all work monumental to get a movie like The city curtain a lo más alto también the plant conjugates the plant even though the pen has reached the titanic effluent. During the promotion at the Austin SXSW film festival, an announcement was made that a breakthrough had been recorded, but the new intervention with The Hollywood Reporter was aimed at analyzing its decision with more proficiency.

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“I do not want to be in a hurry with the schedule of more than one month. This is why. This is not the case and I do not have the capacity to record reasonable and intelligent decisions and so on ”said Bullock. “The work is always stable for me and it tends to be very difficult”, continuaba. “I know that it can possibly be established in my mail. Era how to open a nevera all the time and search algo that nunca is in the nevera. Me dije a mímisma: ‘Deja de buscarlo aquí porque aquí no existe. You have to install, install, control and work as you see fit. ”.

Siendo sinceros, The city curtain, por muy buen desempeño que haya tenido en taquilla, no era ninguna obra maestra. Y esto, al final, translate into zero reconciliation by part of the industry that on a personal level can have a vacancy, all valued at the titanic process along the production which, as Bullock agrees, accomplishes with the aspiration of obtaining validation. You do not have the permission required to post A ciegas (Bird Box)the film of Netflix which in 2018 is convincing in the most vista of the history of the platform, being found with a similar case: a cinta that flies to the exit and that does not hurt to generate a critical enthusiasm.

Además, hace tempo that you do not want a carcass’s scar or foie gras of your habitual registers, and in the end, that in order to follow it again to follow it even higher but my fame or dinosaur has only a reflection as a reflection as it reflects a triumph of madurez. And it is impossible that be it prioritized to be with a mismatch, descent, poner las cosas in order and keep mental health at the forefront of prestige and excitementalgo that in Hollywood there is always ocurre with its big stars and about that Bullock does not give you a vital lecture.

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