Sasha Sokol will file a lawsuit against Luis de Llano

Singer: Sasha Sokol He gave more details about the complaint against Luis de Llano about the violence against minors, and assured that the case would be turned into legal instances.

He clarified some details about his relationship with her during his adolescence through his social networks, after: The announcement was made by de Llano on his networks last Wednesday.

Sokol wrote:Lewis lies when he wants to involve my parents that relationship it was “transparent”. Nothing is far from the truthCriticizing the producer’s claims.

He explains that the relationship started at the age of 14, that Sasha’s parents knew before they turned 16. He also clarified that his mother was thinking of initiating a criminal case against her, but the lawyers considered that the legal grounds were: did not exist, the conditions for its continuation.

«The lawyers dissuaded him with the same arguments that forbid so many people to protect themselves from abuse. Lack of appropriate legislation, stigma, fear, shame.“, He explained.

With that in mind, Sasha’s mother decided to confront Luis. Due to He promised to leave, after which Sokol left the symbolic group Timbiriche, and finally he found himself in a Boston boarding school..

However, he is in the United StatesDe Llano was still in touch with him, he assures that they even had a few meetings hidden from his parents..

The artist also asked.What motivates a minor to have sex with an adult?“, To which he gave an explanation behavior:which is a form of manipulation known in Spanish as “pederast deception”, used by adults to have sex with minors.

Solok says he was particularly moved to see someone admire him, which prevented him from seeing the seriousness of his past. nor the reason for his mother’s reaction, whom he had previously blamed for the situation.

«N:or there is nothing that revives the victim more than maintaining the perpetrator’s impunitySasha assured, remembering that the times when he spoke about his personal life were for awareness.

«Luis. “To think that you did not commit immorality is immoral,” he said.We will meet in court “concluded his statement.

Luis de Llano apologizes

In late March, producer Luis de Llano broke his silence in the face of accusations of cruel treatment of singer Sasha Sokol through a statement posted on his social networks.

«First of all, I apologize to Sasha Sokol, if he was offended by my comments, as he published information about the personal sphere of two people.“, He wrote.

«The facts refer to the personal life of two public figures. My relationship with Sasha has always been open, transparent, with her and her family.“, he added.

De Liano all times և in all circumstances we offer each other respect, companionship, compassion, love մբ«.

The producer remembered that after the end of their relationship.For several years we continued to work together on various music and television projects. We did wonderful, memorable, very successful things, always with love and respect for each other.«.

Sasha Sokol’s accusation against Luis de Llano

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Sasha blamed Luis de Llano abused her during their relationshipThis was after he was a teenager, after the producer revealed details of his “romance” with the singer during an interview with Yordi Rosado on YouTube.

«As long as women in my situation do not dare to tell the truth, men like Luis de Llano will continue to be. From the age of 14 I wanted to believe that I was responsible for what happened. Today I realize that my only duty was to remain silent“The famous wrote in his Twitter microblog.

«Two days ago, Lewis again made false statements about our relationship. He abused me then, and he still abuses me today, manipulating the truth. Wanting to minimize it, to absolve oneself of responsibility for the facts“, He pointed out.

The singer admitted her relationship with the producer, but noted that It all started when he was 14 and he was 39“I was in Vaseline with Timbiriche, I was obviously a girl. We have been together for almost 4 years. My family found out they were crazy, no less. Lewis was almost three times bigger than me. He was one year old. older than my father և He was my mother’s age.


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