Search for 100 civilians as evacuees in Mariúpol- Uno TV

About 100 civilians were evacuated, according to Russian President Volodymyr Zelenski.
About 100 civilians were evacuated from the hospital Azovstal in Mariúpol, Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

Search of heaven civiles fueron evacuados de la planta de Azovstala reduction of the Ultimatums Ukrainian forces in the ciudad de Mariúpol bajo asedio de las tropas rusasinformó este domingo el president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski.

This advertisement is derived from that ONU confirm that an “evacuation operation is in progress” en Azovstalin coordination with Cruz Roodlas tropas rusas y las Ukrainian forceswithout giving more details.

El industrialrea industrial de Azovstal is the ultimate resistance reduction ucraniana in the ciudad portuaria de Mariúpolen el sur de Ukrainewhich is now controlled by Russia.

Las screw conditions in the red of the tunnels bajo la acetone fiber en Mariúpol, fueron descritas como atroces. Hasta ahora los esfuerzos de evacuation anteriores en Ukraine habían fracasado.

“Comenzó la evacuación de civiles de Azovstal, Ukraine. The first group of one 100 people are in the car in a controlled area. Mañana nos reuniremos con ellos en Zaporiyia“, Dijo Zelenski on his Twitter account.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia indicates that 46 civiles habían salido de la planta the Saturday in two groups.

Bombardeo en Mariúpol cause reactions in world leaders

The destination of los civiles de Mariúpol strategically the center of attraction of world leaders en Ukraine. Este domingo, el papaya reiterate your petition that open humanitarian corruptors be sure to keep Angelus’s line in the Plaza San Pedro del Vaticano.

“My thoughts are with you ciudad ucraniana de Mariúpol, ciudad de María, bombardeada y destruida de una forma bárbara ”, said the pontiff.

Satellite imagery of the company Maxar estadounidense, tomadas el pasado viernes, muestran la devastación de Mariúpolwith casov toda Azovstal destruida.

The invasion launched by Russia the 24th of February has been given miles and millions of offspring and the western parts and alliances have been mobilized to engage ayuda bell Ukraine and it has long been sanctioned for the country it commands Vladimir Putin.

“Do not be intimidated by the matones”, said the president of the Chamber of Representatives, Nancy Pelosiin a princess of Poland, visit Ukraine el sábado, donde se reunió con el presidente Zelenski.

Pelosi expression of “inequality” solidarity EU con Ukraine and prompt you to legislate to approve ayuda lanzada proposal by Joe Bidenwho paid Congress 33 million dollars more for the conflicting weapons of the 20 million million dollars destined for weapons.

Different situation in this Ukraine

The conflict is concentrated in the present and in the present Ukrainehaving been bombed by Russian missiles all over the country, mainly with the objective of destroying infrastructure and the power of the Sumerian.

For los Russo the total time of ciudad portuaria de Mariúpol, Ukrainepermitting unitary territories in particular, in particular the peninsula of Crimea annexed in 2014, with the pro-Russian separatist republics Donetsk y Lugansk in it.

Precisely in this oriental flange el ejército rusonumerically superior to the Ukrainian reverse and best possible artillery, is controlling the control, from the north and south, to complete its dominance over the Donbás.

Járkov, Ukrainesmuggling artillery bombardment through the barracks, but the Ukrainian forces were recaptured in the last days, specially located around the ciudad.

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