See the original plan for Sasha Banks at WWE SmackDown

Sasha Banks y Naomi continent notification in the main media of the sector. The decision to abandon the robberies of the episode WWE Monday Night Raw of anoche provoked multitude of reactions, rumors and speculationsincluding one officially communicated advertised by the proprietary company.

The motive that news flowed from the current Women’s Champions by pairs of WWE to act in this way in no other way than the discount generated by its most intermediate planesthat Hebrew passed on to friends by separating them with the maximum company champions, dejando sus títulos por parejas en un plano totally secundario.

The information and the new data that the media are reporting on the incident are still available. We agree with the latest notices that we are aware of each other.

PW Insider Information

Segan inform PWInsiderthe plan to announce that Banks and Naomi participated in one Six Pack Challengetal and how the company announced the start of the program, donde Naomi se alzaria con la victoria y, por ende, ganaría el derecho a retar a la Campeona de Mujeres de Raw, Bianca Belair, en WWE Hell in a Cell.

The medium has been shown to be close to green Banks has started a rivalry with SmackDown Champion Ronda Rousey, which culminates with a title combination in WWE Hell in a Cell. The PWInsider information finalizes that all Sasha as well as Naomi share their respective combinations in this event.

Wrestling Observer Radio Information

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented that the voyages of firefighters were seen by Vince McMahon to sample their unloading with their creative planes. The WWE president does not want to turn his back on the torchbearer and accept the petition, which he decisively abandons in his recent entourage of John Laurinaitis titles. Rumors circulating backstage show that Banks did not accept Vince McMahon’s negative, provoking the brand.

Además, McMahon hacked the notebook of his brand just before the segment in which Becky Lynch and Adam Pearce hablaban about the event being backstage, as they swing the planes and modify the plane before the WWE official receives the petition of Lynch from Asuka friends in an individual room.

The creation between algunos is that the creative problem in the era with Banks perdiend with Naomi, sino c elmo el dúo habría sido retratado en las próximas semanas, especially trace the inverted time in the construction of your team an egg that Vince McMahon determined that Iban hacker team and ganar the titles for pairs of women in Wrestlemania 38 “, said Meltzer.” , iban a luchar entre sí y salir para impulsar a otros talentos, dejándolas, ¿exáctamente dónde? Esse is apparently el quid de la cuestión. The WWE plan is just as good as the Championship for Women because of the hubiera pairs that in one second plan are now devoid of Hell In A Cell“.

Además, Meltzer aóadió que the situation that provoked the incident also arises in relation to a contractual aspect with Banks and Naomi.

Fightful information

By other means, Fightful I would like to know more details of the situation, indicating that, contrary to what other information was provided, if Naomi establishes the program for ganar, but the news has not been realized at the expense of 3 on the computer. De hecho, establishes a plan that ambassadors do not attack between the twoalthough news about the team formed by Doudrop and Nikki ASH The media confirmation that, effectively, Naomi established the program to win in WWE Raw, for playing against Bianca Belair in WWE Hell in a Cell.

The official communication provided by the company, Naomi and Banks sent incommodes or insurers working with the two women with whom Iban to share the quadrillers at night, motivated by the fact that the Hebrew children decided to abandon. No embargo, as stated below, the medium that the main problem radiates to the creative planes that roam the teams by teamswho pass by a second plan, without having a clear rumbo on the WWE Hell in a Cell. Sasha Banks and Naomi habrían hablado de desarrollar m histors histories dentro de la feministóna per equipos.

Curiously, provided that the WWE Raw planes are at the very end of the week due to the celebration of an individual combinationpero fue sustituido por el Six Pack Challenge. Including programming the robbery of variegated segments is not enough to prepare. In quantum al Six Pack Challenge, as long as it is programmed to occupy three program segments, it is locked to the far end of the night.

Vince McMahon approves the situation before hacking various references to the incident or the distance from the night, having the medium of thought which comments directly from the el. By other means, in the absence of the main points being criticized for their activity.

Petey Williams and Kenny Dykstra terminate all products for the company that ultimately plays you (Becky Lynch vs. Asuka), although the media has not been able to confirm that they have established original programming to produce Six Pack Challenge, which no wonder the producer listed internally for is combining the direction of the show. After Molly Holly figured out other information as information transmitters between the parts, she started producing Alexa Bliss and Sonya Deville combos. Fightful says that, to find the rumors that circulate on the Internet, in principle no matter what Naomi or Sasha Banks tuvieran ningún type of problem with these products.

The medium that has many products in the backstage of the company, and that the situation should not be taken lightly, as it does not have a producer or arbitrator internally enumerated at the expense of the guillotine odes that pudding revises. Además, We have not yet confirmed any information from Sasha Banks about Ronda Rousey.

Finally, there are some people with whom they have been told backstage that no matter if Banks and Naomi are free, they do not have an absolute certificatefor the news that I wish to contact you with new information in this respect.

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