Selection Results: The Pacific Ascent of the Colombian Sea | Colombia Presidential Elections

Colombia finally saves the historic flight and sails from the quay. When the guerrilla is more anti-continental, the status quo defending itself with militants and paramilitaries, and where progressive leaders are eliminated by firing squad, is at the heart of the quirky pacifist correspondence. In an hour and media context, the binomial of Gustavo Petro and the afro-Colombian feminist activist France Márquez hacked into the victory and debauchery of the painter empire Rodolfo Hernández, who’s a TikTok powerhouse, “Robadera” of politicians expelled from the convenience level and waved the vector of the antiPetro vote.

As the title suggests in his autobiography, Petro has “one screw, many screws” and, with a personality that many see as plotting, logging, against all proprietors, federating the vote of the progressive exchange. And yes, with Hernández as a rival, the “no suicide” exchange takes place in the Bucaramanga alcalde.

Pero si Petro tuvo muchas vidas, la de exguerrillero (del M-19) fue recordada estos días por su adversarios en la politica u los medias. The Semana magazine published a portfolio in which it presented the choice as an option between “outsider” and “engineer”. In the red responds with other photos: the Uruguayan foreigner José “Pepe” Mujica in front of the Peruvian engineer Alberto Fujimori.

This is because the promise of pause allowed that the powder powder must be electorally triumphant in Colombia -that the only country in the Americas has not been blown away by the liquid or the centrifuge-. And it is no coincidence that it is the result of the Historical Pact, in a very democratic way, as it correlates the departation of the electoral force by the FARC demobilized by voting.

With this choice, Colombia is the sum of the “club” of South American progressiveness that is concentrated in a paradoxical moment: it is more out of electoral victories that in a static gesture that sparks and attracts interested in international tensions. Through the weather, Petro’s approach to a renovated air is blocked by the fact that Lula da Silva and Brasil are the main destinations. The pig of the Colombian era terminus cerrar, además, the image of the Pacific block as the liberal-conservative counterpart of the “populism” of the rest of the continent.

Petro’s victory flies through a process of massive mobilization that pushes through the new juvenile sensitivities through the veil of incompetence and reveals the social design with a pattern of desperation for many unsatisfied camels. The electoral effect of the deep impopularity of Iván Duque’s genius is evident.

Petro sums up the discourse of modern excerpts from Gabriel Boric and his “Turkish diplomacy” (green and blue of the oceans) in Chile, preoccupied with environmental themes, but with the flaws of women and the sexually minor, and so on. the social desigualdad. Para ganar, the ex Bogotá alcalá debió luchar por differentianje de la imagena that the Venezuelan project and its massive migration to Colombia, which resuve any quality shadow that the model of “socialism of the XXI logo” does not work.

The Petro y Márquez camp’s combination of epic politics and city-building with a variety of locally sourced machines, sums and antiquities operated by ex-president Juan Manuel Santos, which between the two as well as the robe and the robe, which he leaned on paz. From there, Petro’s vote coincides with his geographical or agenda.

The director of the digital magazine La Silla Vacía, Juanita León, summed up the story of this election: Por primera vez, hay dos mujeres afro en el tarjetón electoral. For the first time, the liquid is practically a unit. For example, if you have racism, feminism, pension funds, whether oil is cheap or not for Colombia, the language is inclusive. For the first time this is the logo, the camp is not around Alvaro Uribe or the FARC. For example, a candidate who produces a lot of money [establishment] ya las fuerzas militares, y llega vivo ”. Living in Colombia is not a detail. Y llegar vivo y ganar, ya es pasar a la historia. That the liberal progressive Luis Carlos Galán did not puddle in 1989, when it was acclimatized to the plenum of the middle-class campaign denouncing the current politics.

In the end, the barbarity of armed conflict and the barbaric menos of the State, and as part of all Colombian paradoxes, began to be established by institutions that allow the editing and approval of the 1991 Constitution by a single Assembly. their leaders are Antonio Navarro Wolff, otro exM19- and is dominated by institutions habilitaron a profound political exchange by the electorate. Most of the results of Petro’s visit, as one in the rest of the non-fossilized region, Colombia loves to have a great deal of interest in consensus measures.

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