SEMG aboga por “readaptar” la primaria, sin perder the essence of family medicine

The Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG) celebrates June 7 to 11 the XXVIII edition of the National Congress of General Practitioners and Family Medicine, with the aim of converting it into an era of Family Medicine do not miss a single moment, at the expense of their family medicine reviews and scenarios in which to share experiences, investigations, conjugations and values, with the ultimate goal of mastering the patient’s attitudes.

Debt to the exit of the previous edition, the congress # SEMG22 wants to offer hybrid format views, which conjugates some online only on June 7th and 8th, with the preparatory phase in Bilbao on June 9, 10 and 11. It’s fashionable, with all the contents of the logarithm to a number of doctors, all the doctors being quoted in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, as well as those who have not been able to dispose of it, especially of their own doctors. .

The offerings are all the details and figures of the meeting, which will be held from June 7 to 11, by the president of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG), Antonio Fernández-Pro; the president of the Organizing Committee, Jacinto Bátiz; the president of the Scientific Committee, Ana Mur; and the vice president of SEMG, Pilar Rodríguez Ledo.

Figures from the XXVIII National Congress of General Medicine and the Family show the relevance of mismo. A total of 4,874 professional scientists have been arrested in connection with the assassination of Atención Primaria, from the quarters, 1,478 doctors citing a prescriptive form between the juveniles and the swamp at the Palais de Congo of Bilbao and 3,396 doctors. seguirán todos los contenos online gracias al haberse registered as virtual congressmen, tanto desde dentro as fuera de España.

Since he was informed during the presentation of the congress, this tends to be an important economic repression in Bilbao, which is calculated by the potential participant who earns a media of 1,500 euros per guest in the city.

During the duration of the national congress of the SEMG, a total of 84 sessions and a load of 134 different experts were signed. The number of communications received by the Committee ascending 891, from which, serial number 8.

The organizers have been referring to the XXVIII Congress of the SEMG, “Reading the Family Medicine Values’ and explaining that, at different times, general and family physicians have read or abstained from doing so. momento, sin perder sus valores, permaneciendo junto a quien nos necesite.

Contenidos del congress

Since the SEMG has sought to attract an attractive and interactive congress with its members, in a way that all of them are the protagonists of their formative activities, getting rid of highways and multiple traps in which their assistants form mainly their own handful of professional referents and experts in the various fields that guide the formulation to align the branded objectives.

The inaugural conference of the national congress of the SEMG corrects the cargo of the international asset in health policies, Rafael Bengoa, and tends to be young from 13.30 hours under the title ‘SNS. 500,000 competent professionals in an incompetent organization ‘.

As novelties of the national congress of the SEMG, the development of the latest technologies in the practice of diarrhea, the realization of indistinguishable capabilities in the Primary Attenuation and the different differences in their distinct (ascending, definite, distinct) of utility resources in our most clinical practice. Destroying the Ibero-American halls, with the participation of Hispanic hub doctors from other countries that support their vision.

The program is structured to skip the topics that are most researched by family doctors, posting up-to-date content. Destan the preconcentric courses that are about interesting topics such as earning a living in Primary Athens or the Bioethics upgrade course. As well as innovations in the subject of adult vaccination or gestation in our consultations of patients with chronic pathologies.

The organizers acknowledged that the pandemic had changed the manner of acting, whether in the day or in the day as in the consultations, as long as it was present at all, conditioning the assistive activity. On the other hand, COVID-19 is one of the many topics to be addressed in Congress, as well as other fundamental pillars of our most common clinical diarrhea, as well as the rest of the pathologies and conditions common at most assisting levels. the assistants form and share the new novels in the medical fields.

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