sensual traditions of the day most away from the year

(CNN) – Do you feel agitation and courage? Do you want a jump in your libido? Diablos, á te estás poniendo simlemente caliente e inquieto?

Yes there is summer solstice 2022. The most far from the north hemisphere marks the official summer solstice in the calendar and with its high calorie, high calorie, romantic vibrations and cossack generosity.

The solstice is historically related to fertility, both of the plant variety as a human, in all destinations of the world.

CNN Travel explores some of the most sensible and antique veranian traditions. For the first time, we get a glimpse of the scientific aspects.

A pair of retrospective nadors take a hood during summer solstice in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England, June 21, 2021. (Photo by Ian Forsyth / Getty Images)

Summer solstice: Questions and answers

Pregunta: I like the precision. What exactly is the summer solstice in 2022?

Response: The dependence depends on the extent to which the solstice is concentrated.

Exactly at 09:13 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) on Tuesday, June 21, according to NASA. Your time zone in relation to the UTC determines the time and range in which the solstice for you.

As it is at 9:13 UTC it aligns with the local time in selected places of the world (and observes the progress of the time and the medium that it advances from here to today):

• Guam: 7:13 pm martes

• Tokyo, Japan: 6:13 pm Tuesday

• Manila, Philippines: 5:13 pm Tuesday

• Dhaka, Bangladesh: 3:13 pm martes

• Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 1:13 pm Tuesday

• Istanbul, Turkey: 12:13 pm Tuesday

• Brussels, Belgium: 11:13 am Tuesday

• Casablanca, Morocco: 10:13 am Tuesday

• Recife, Brazil: 6:13 am martes

• Boston, Massachusetts: 5:13 am martes

• Guadalajara, Mexico: 4:23 am martes

• Calgary, Canada: 3:13 am Tuesday

• Seattle, Washington: 2:13 am martes

• Honolulu, Hawaii: 11:13 pm lunes

The TimeandDate web site has a Herramienta iltil that takes into account the time of two lives.

Pregunta: ¿Es el día m lars largo del año y ocurre en todo el mundo?

Response: No. Es el día m lars largo solo en el hemisphere norte. It is more than just water on the ecuador. Residents of the hemisphere, in places like Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand, are here to stay within three months.

And the differences in the candlestick level of the day are very dramatic in the way that you approach the poles and alliances of the ecuador.

In Quito, the capital of Ecuador, apenas to the north of ecuador, la gente apenas not the difference. Take a few extra minutes off the day.

Residents of the northern part of Helsinki, Finland, make their stay at 3:54 am and tend to be 19 hours away. Including la noche no se vuelve tan oscura.

Fairbanks habitats in central Alaska can be traced for up to 19 hours. Turn off the fridge for 21 hours and 41 minutes.

With all these Antarctic penguins that protrude from their hues, as they puff up, they try to decipher much about how they live in the 24-hour squad.

Pregunta: ¿Why not only have 12 hours of light lasting all year long?

Responsive: The planet’s gland is in reality recycling doses of equal numbers of day and night during the primordial equinox. Due to the solar luminosity that we receive in the northern hemisphere it has increased diagonally from ten entities. ¿For whom?

This is because Tierra’s alien is about an eagle, an imaginary pole that attracts the center of our planet. But it is inclina, at an angle of 23.5 degrees.

“Like the Tierra orbit around the sun [una vez al año], is always inclined to point in the directional mass. “Things that take place, different parts of the Tierra, receive the direct rays of the sun,” said NASA.

When the sun sets on the cascade in the northern hemisphere, it is the summer solstice.

At the moment, “the sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer, which is located at 23.5 ° north latitude, and attracts Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and even China”, según el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional.

Sensual traditions: Summer solstice in Sweden

Now we direct our attraction to what is actually tense in the mind: the romantic and sexy lad of solstice. Empezaremos in Sweden.

Your traditions include around a mayo ball, a symbol that falls like a fox. Have a party with arenas and copied vodka songs (either romantic or probably a quest of personal preference).

“Muchos niños nacen nueve meses después de summer solstice in Sweden”, said CNN Jan-Öjvind Swahn, a Swedish ethnologist and author of various books on the subject, before his death in 2016.

“Beber is the most typical type of summer solstice. There are historical photographs of people who have babies at a point they can not follow,” said Swahn.

If the libations influence the posterior ‘baby boom’, Swahn says that including alcohol, summer solstice is an epoch of rica in romantic rituals.

“Solía ​​haber a tradition between las chicas solteras, seg lan la cual si comían algo muy salado durante el solstio de verano, o recolectaban varios tipes differen de flores y las ponían debajo de la almohada cuando dormíos, soñaban con sus.

Pagan rites in Greece

There is a similar mythology about living with the futurist chain in some parts of Greece. Allí, as in many European countries, the pagan soloist co-opted by Christianity and rebutted as the San Juan’s. Aún así, en much pueblos del norte del país, todavía se celebran los ritos antiguos.

One of the most ancient rituals is the Klidonas llama, involving the local virgins that collect water from the sea.

All the months after the aldea slide a personal competence into the whole and dejan debajo of a night-lasting hygiene. Entonces, seg eln el folclore, the magic of d ima imbuye a los objetos con prophetic poderes, y las niñas en cuestión sueñan con su futuros maridos.

Alternatively, all the aldehydes are cut and rotated to search for objects and recite copies with rhymes that claim to suggest the romantic essence of the object’s duo. In these days, as an embargo, the festival is more than just an excerpt from the community of intermittent brominated broms.

“In my pueblo, las mujeres mayores siempre parecen inventar las rimas m sucs sucias”, says Eleni Fanariotou, who filmed the costume. M ts tarde en el día, los sexos se mezclan y se turnan para saltar sobre una hoguera.

As long as there is no salt in the blades, it should only have a thin layer. Fanariotou knows that the festival results in an acclamation.

“It’s a good time to talk about alguia, but all the young people in the city are out of the question and you’s a good opportunity to socialize.

A Slavic Cupid

In Eastern Europe, summer solstice is associated with Ivan Kupala’s Day, a fiesta with romantic connotations for many Slavs (“kupala” is derived from the word “cupido”). The night owl of Kupala (apparently, the love does not have a strict schedule).

“I believe that Kupala’s night was a moment before the gentile enamorara, and that the celebraran serían felices and prisperos lasted all the year,” said Agnieszka Bigaj of the Polish tourism office.

Solía ​​ocurrir que las mujeres jóvenes y solteras hacían float corona de flores en el río donde los solteros ansiosos del otro lado trataban de atraparlas, agrega.

Polish the folk, the man and the woman in the kitchen are converted into a pair. The hogs have become an important feature of the festival, and it is a tradition that a pair of salts and traces of the young blades of the center are added to the handle; si no se sueltan, se dice que su amor durará.

Yoga in India and more

Pocas cosas te ponen en contactu tu tu mente y cuerpo como lo hace el yoga.

In India, the birthplace of practical Antigua, the summer solstice is traditionally celebrated with massive yoga sessions all over the world, the second most popular in the world.

Y en estos días, el yoga se ha extendido por todo el mundo.

By the way, the International Day of Yoga is the 21st of June, the day of the solstice. The theme of United Nations for 2022 is “Yoga for Humanity” and promoting the practice as a great method to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

In New York City Times Square, enjoy the day with yoga classes in solstice from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Times Square Alliance website, which presents the event.

Traditions in China

The records of the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279) indicate that the functionaries used to hold three more books during the summer solstice, according to

The lamp “chaojie” y “las mujeres se regalaban abanicos y bolsitas de colore. Los abanicos podían ayudarlas a ne sentirse tan calientes y las bolsitas eran para ahuyentar a los mosquitos y hacer que olieran bien”.

The city of Mohe, the northernmost city in China in Heilongjiang province, can have 17 hours of lightning, and the sun rises at 3:23 am.


One of the most unbearable solstice celebrations in the world traditionally takes place in Stonehenge, England, where there are generally miles of people each year. Like many other events in 2020 and 2021, tuvieron that changes their traditions to the pandemic.

Pero in 2022, the celebration in person, según English Heritage. You can also view the solstice update live on the group’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Stonehenge, which is repairing the druid and pagan era, has a mysterious end.

“All druid rituals have an element of fertility, and solstice is not an excuse,” King Arthur Pendragon told CNN, a high-ranking archduke. “Celebramos the union of the masculine and feminine goddesses, the Sun and the Tierra, in the most distant part of the world.”

Part of this article’s a CNN story by Daisy Carrington published for the first time since 2013.

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