Ser padre es m grands grande que qualquier triunfo personal: Dr. Fernando Cabanillas

One of them is a scientist and he is a professional in the culinary arts.

Mar Anta Antonia Cabanillas, Chief Executive Officer of South Texas, is part of the Unitedhealthcare Community Plan. Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, director and founder of the Auxilio Mutuo and Dra Hospital Cancer Center. Mar Caba Cabanillas, oncologist at the Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. Photo: Summitradas a la Magazine de Medicina y Salud Pública.

The pattern of the patterned figure marks the most important moments of the screws of the shadows, which is seen by the pope with our little ojos of the little ones, it records the emotion of feeling a superhero mui cerca, but it’s a lot son afortunados, when the crew is admired is reproducing and an instrument that quickly detracts from every emotion.

Porque crecer con a padre that work from diarrhea and that it does not disintegrate and disintegrate, it makes the project of the screw that much more than just part of it part by part of a personal evolutionary process, and it has to do with human calibration and example that recibe en su hogar, tal cual podemos resumir de manera injusta y breve la vida del Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, because a secret page is the only part of the movie.

Among the many outlets that, for example, are now enriched by your family, even in the knowledgeable field as in the culinary arts, where they have established themselves as leaders of each of their passions, like a pope.

Mar Anta Antonia Cabanillas, Mayor’s,’s share of the health camp, from the administration camp, and presides over a medical insurance company, and is supported by the Chief Executive Officer of South Texas at Unitedhealthcare Community Plan, from which it forms a complete program in 2008 patronized by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

More than 20 years of professional experience involved working in the healthcare industry, both in the public sector as privately owned, with sales in cuidado de la salud públicatal cual su padre, Fernando.

También has impartido courses of attenuation administration medicine for MBA students at the University of Phoenix. Cabanilla obtained a degree in psychology from the University of Houston and a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Phoenix.

Mentors that the minor shadow of the investigator who obeys the excellence of Oscar López, independent leader, Dr. Maria Eugenia Cabanillas, decid part of the scientific campas an endocrinologist and oncologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, where people are being treated and given a cancer investigation program the thyroid.

“I’m surprised that I’re going to study medicine. I’m not going to study it. I’m not going to get exactly what I’m going to do in the lymphoma camp, but it ‘s just happening, it’ s happening. innovator with anaplastic cancer“, says Dr. Cabanillas in the Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública about his minor shadow.

Not to be outdone, the doctor did his part by shaping the shadows in the field of salutation, recognizing that there was no way to deduct all the time that the hustle and bustle devoted to his work.

“It simply came to our notice then. I did not establish all the time. Cuando nacieron mis hijas, ella dejó de trabajar para cuidarlas y lo hizo muy bien. It’s sure to say that it does not burn by God, it does not burn at all because it is hot today. Ella merece m crs credétito que yo ”, indicó.

“Now I feel like discussing other scientific issues, as part of chemotherapy. It is the result of molecular therapy, which is also distilled, to produce the result of anaplastic thyroid cancer, which is horribly aggressive. One of the few people who convicted me as a medical professional was giving a conference to his colleagues at the Cirujanos Medical College in Puerto Rico. Dije wow. Me quedé atónito ”, dijo con voz entrecortada.

In this case, we describe all the men who, for example, play with the men and women with the values ​​that are left as a piece of art and reflected in their diarrheal activities.

“Being on the edge of the shadows is a different experience to describe. It’s a much greater satisfaction than any personal triumph that one can give alcanzar ”, Finish Cabanillas.