Shakira, her first emotion with her beauty in red

Valerie Domínguez is an actress, model, presenter and designer colombiana. Fue coronada as Señorita Colombia 2005 y es primates de la singer Shakirawho possesses a physique espectacularwhich is due to genetic algebra, even though Shakira, the temperature of her social networks with only a photo.

Recently, the Colombian shared a series of photos in which we could see the sun, the arena and the sea, with a diminutive trajectory that permits the mold of your figure and the hours that it ensures in the gymnasium.

The cast of “Los caballeros las prefrenen grout” which was destined for “Te la dedico”, produced by Canal RCN, adirás subir estas bellas postales de la playa, tambien esidua a apartir e detrás de camaras di sus project as at the moment in which he demonstrates his humorous capacity with videos that grab the ladder of your space, known as “El Pollo”.

Interestingly: Christian Nodal, video junto a Christy Nodal revive lo peor

These photos that, the Colombian hermosa, shared on your Instagram account, are a photo session of other people that allow you to approve all your beauty. Postage sent by the following message:

“Valerie from this photo could not imagine being one of the most desperate! It was time for a good #TB”.

Cabe destacar que, en la fotos en la que vemos todo color, posande de pie, con los pies cubiertos por el agua del mar, en la que posa de perfilu, luciendos sus bellas curvas u su pelo larg e alborotado por la razor , in a diminutive trajectory of the orange-colored pieces, has more than 55 miles Me gusta, as well as the comments in which the halagos and the admiring samples do not fall.


Valerie Domínguez I have a gran carrera as model and incl hoy in which it is the car of many brands of make-up and skincare products. Además, the first of Shakiratambién usa de manera constanta kunta de Tik Tok, en la que is muy popul e se kunuentra en constant ascenso.

In this other platform, the family of Shakira have an increasing number of followers. Cabe destacar que, luge de tener a su shadow en 2021, su perfil en redes giri hacia la maternidad y sus pormenores diarios, siempre sosteniendë j humor me la characteriza, por lo ku muchas marcas la han buscado para ser la cara de sus productos familiares.

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