Shanghai Intensified Xi Jinping Master Cell Insists on Covered-19

Hong Kong (CNN) – Shanghai is one of the strongest media outlets in the world, led by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. la vista.

Durante is the end of the week, circulating around the Chinese social media videos where the Shanghai habitats are being discussed or trampled with thugs and police vested with protection traps against the mainstream people who are flocking to the river. Many basic images are eliminated by the sensors to provoke public anger.

Protests are made when the authorities then retaliate by using them to reduce restrictions on algae in some parts of the city, or to disinfect new infections, or to prevent local virus from spreading to the virus. .

Following the new long-line policies, including residents with negative covid-19 probes, can be quantified by the central government. Posting on social networks and the local gossip circuits that circulate the Internet, in some parts of the city you are considering blockchain as a way to salute, and you are obliged to give all the occupants to leave their homes to enter a current due to a positive case.

A viral video of the residents discussing with the police agents who are present at their gates with traces of the material being smuggled to the current without any other person being in a positive light.

On the road: Shanghai Police 0:51

“From now on, the people who live in the mess (as the cases of covid) will be transported (to the current)”, says a police agent in the video.

“It’s not what you want it to be … and it’s not what it’s in the United States. It’s China,” he says, with the help of another police agent, setting off a disinfectant bottle in his hand. “Take action against them. Do not go for less that your full potential. We only want to set our own rates and epidemic control policies.”

CNN has not been able to confirm in any independent form that it is aware of this type of policy and that it may have been in contact with the Shanghai Municipal Government prior to its publication. CNN did not immediately identify the person who hacked into the video and did not immediately return a request for comment.

Straight lines in the line, barricades are used to prevent “silent periods” that last two or three days, while the occupants do not have to wait for their seats. These residents are tempted to temporarily prevent pedestrians from commodities and articles of needlessness on the Internet, which will lead to new food scraps.

Xi Jinping’s advertisement asks questions about this policy

The escalation produced a result of Xi’s personal intervention, which was released on May 5, which many interpreted as an amnesty for the opponents of the “cove covid” policy, saying that “intolerant” acts that distort, pongan en dude o nieguen las epidemi epidemi prevent e nuestro pa nus “.

Xi también exigió a los funjarios that demonstrates a “profound, complete and exhaustive compression” of the policy and advocacy against “inadequate concurrence, inadequate preparation and inadequate work” at the right time.

Hours after Xi’s discourse, the Shanghai Communist Party’s municipal committee rejoined the night before studying its instructions. And at a press conference, the Shanghai’s public health commission says the city has set up a “critical moment” to control the brigade.

“It’s how to navigate the contraction in a boat; we have to advance or spend the rest of the aboard.

Zhao also compromises on “decisively applying the practice of ‘agreeing to all those who are debunked’ and ‘leaning on all those who are being debated’ in order to determine the communicative propaganda of the epidemic on the possible front”.

Enduring the current requirements has provoked the dispersal of many residents in the financial center, millions of whom have been killed in more than six weeks.

Tong Zhiwei, a professor of law at the University of Political Science and the University of Oriental China in Shanghai, denounced the media as unconstitutional in a single party assembly on social networks.

“Any action sent by the force to its residents and a centralized current is illegal and must be delivered immediately,” Tong said.

¿What about the Chinese economy? 2:28

“The state of emergence is a legal status, and can only exist if a legitimate organization declares that it conforms to the constitution;

At the same time, Liu Dali, a funded abbot in Shanghai who works at an important Chinese abbey buffet, writes a public card to the Shanghai People’s Municipal Congress — the legislative assembly of the city to adopt protecting the outskirts of cold cities against epidemic methods such as forcing current.

Embroidered wallpapers of carts on the Internet have spread the word. On the Chinese social network Weibo, Tong’s verified account has been banned from being published on this site. It has been censored to have a hashtag with its name.

In a sarcasm of sailors, some internationals share a 2015 article by Diario del Pueblo, the official periodical of the Communist Party, in which Xi is quoted as saying that he registered the party of the Party in 2012: “The organization of the individual the privilege of being established by the constitution of the Constitution and the law.

When posting empezza a daru vueltas, los usatorios pronto fueron recurno con un lamativo mensajje de deca “el contenido ha sido eliminandin por al author”.

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