Sharing place with the dead: the horror experienced by civilians in a basement in northern Ukraine

  • Yogita Limay
  • BBC News, Chernigov

Mykola Klimchuk

Mikola was forced to stay in the basement of a school with dozens of other civilians who had been taken from their homes at gunpoint.

On a damp white wall in the basement of a school in Yahya al-Din is a rudimentary calendar drawn in red crayon. For the people of this village, this calendar records a period of unimaginable shock: from March 5 to April 2.

Russian soldiers occupied the armistice, located on the outskirts of the city of Chernigov, about 140 km north of Kyiv and near the border with Belarus and Russia, for about a month.

The invading army pulled the men, women and children out of their homes at gunpoint and held them in the basement of the local school for four weeks, About 130 people are crammed into an area of ​​about 65 square meters.

Mykola Klimchuk, 60, was one of them. He offered to show us the basement.

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