Shireen Abu Aqla: The Dramatic Moment of Palestinian Periodicals’ Interpretation of What Happens Due to Violence by Israeli Police

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Vea: Pictures of violent scenes at Al Jazeera Shireen Abu Aqla’s funeral

La Police Israelí that enfrtó a los dolountes en el funeral de la periodista de al jazeera shireen abu qla, cuyo asinato en cisjordania una oleada de ra.

When it comes time to stay afloat under the control of the police, algunos with porras, it measures between a multitude of reunited Palestinians and their surroundings.

The police say they are now aware of what the pedophiles did.

Abu Aqla fue asesinador to shoot the corpsesInformation about Al Jazeera on a raid by Israeli forces in the occupied city of Yenin. Israel and the Palestinians have been repeatedly accused of assimilation, which has been completely condensed.

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