Silvia Pinal has regained consciousness in the theater with a high degree of alertness and awareness!

Have a week, do .a Silvia Pinal se convirtió in tendency in las redes social tras anunciar su regress to the scenarios, 90 to the 90 year olds! To make the note less likely to regress, it has the same degree of health as it deserves during an interview before programa Primera manoy ahora durante el streno de la obra Caperucita, on qué onda con tu abuelita!

Respectively, we are flattered by the performance of the first actress, who do not expect the revelation that Silvia regresses and tries not only to taste, but also to her ambition of shadow Luis Enrique Guzmán, 52, who benefits economically due to the participation of the mother in the stage in the stage, you can embolize more than a million pesos. This counts:

-Since Silvia Pinal has announced that she has regressed to the scenarios has speculated much about her health status, so how can she actually be found?

“Do Sila Silvia has many good and other bad things, but normally a seagull who is 90 years old, who has been trained in medicine and who has been treated with a lot of acharas.”

-¿What type of achaques?
“Do Sila Silvia suffers from heartburn that the patient does not like the taste of their therapies and, as a matter of time before, when the time is running out in the flow of fluids. “As soon as it’s small, it’s so superior to COVID, it’s one that goes here and there.”

-En 2018 le diagnosticaron dementia senil, ¿en ese aspecto cómo va?
“Senile dementia is what most people worry about because it affects more. At the moment, doctors find it difficult to understand how progressive it is and how it works. At the same time, it is evident that the child represents the work and, obvio, lasting the outside “.

-Esa rueda de prinsa preocupó a mucha gente
“And it’s not for men, even Silvia did not establish herself in conditions. “Because you want to reveal it because you care about it, because it’s so much that Silvia’s forcing her to make it to the princess’s conference, but because it hurts and causes preoccupation.”

-Especially, lasting an interview …
“Yes, I was running an interview (for the First Man program) you had a recurrence and it was very bad, like a curtain. The questioner was asked and answered in another way or ponía leer part of the guion of the work and the pobre no dejaba de toser ”.

Obra Silvia Pinal

-But who exhibits this way?
“Doña Silvia is exposed only by the avarice of Luis Enrique, because the enemies who are not on the street are presenting it, but they are close because the astonishment is applauded by the producer of this project, Iván Cochegrus, and he knows that his mother bien, as le le ordenaron al chofer ya Efigenia (assistant of the prime minister) who la llevaran. Doña Silvia llegó a la conferen sin tener apoyo de nadie de familia, está bien que confjën su sus trabajadores, pero do se vale ”.

-Luis Enrique insist?
“It simply came to our notice then. Mismos mismos lo vieron, doña Silvia estaba disorientada, con tos, sin saber de qué le hablaban y sin nadie que le echara una mano. Luis Enrique wants to know the decompensation of the company, and the package to the driver or assistant. The sequel is dedicated to screw acting, but it does not regress because it does not work, it regresses to the theater because the manipulation for receiving it works and all because it is the contract and management of the sequences ” .

-Do you have all the contracts and fees?
“Luis Enrique maneja todo de su mamá, resuerden que doña Silvia tiene su teatre, stacionajentos u m negs negotiated que ella tiene in the city. Antes, do Sila Silvia tena trabajadores’s confinja i manager The last person to walk on the porch is the old Mónica Marbán, who manages the Silvia Pinal Theater. “Because the only one who is the controller, Luis Enrique goes to the bag, and sabotages the convenience.”

Obra Silvia Pinal

-¿Sabes quantum cobrara en la obra?
“As far as we know, Luis Enrique is negotiating a 40-mile paycheck per presentation, given the assurance of Ivan Cochegrus (the producer) that the regression of his mother and his scenarios is synonymous with excitement in a hurry.”

-Cuánto ganaría Luis Enrique?
“It’s a bit different, but it’s been 26 months since I last saw it, at least I paid more than a million pesos, a diner that’s never seen in my mother.”

-¿Sus hermanas per quje permiten esto?
“Because Luis Enrique manipulated his mother because the dams are the ones who want to work because they are depressed. Well, the tampoco ayuda that your sisters are occupying, the difference of Luis Enrique. For example, Alejandra casi has not been waiting for her mom to be puffed up in the shower with Paulina Rubio and her problems with Frida “.

-¿Y Sylvia Pasquel?
“Sylvia wants to have a party with Luis Enrique in order not to alter her mother, who is having a hard time. Recognize that in March you will notice the differences between the theater of Silvia, which is called Sylvia, because it has a manual method and is still corrected by the administrator. “Pelearon and Silvia do not know what to do.”

Luis Enrique Guzmán

-Pero si hasta dieron a conferents juntos para decir que todo estaba bien …

“Eso of establishing united fire, only hicieron solo to cover ojo al macho, including Sylvia says that Luis Enrique is the negro of the family.”

Silvia Pinal interviewer

-Are you sure about the interview with Alejandra and Sylvia’s’s’s’s who messes with the trees?

“One of the things you need to do more than suck,” he said. Lamentably, now Silvia has not voted, she has heard what she has done with her other. It’s important that Alejandra and Sylvia open their mouths and fin the pongan an alto porque is exploding in segora and is being pounded at risk by its ambition, which has no limits ”.

-Estuviste en el streno, ¿con qué sabor de boca se quedó la gente?

“The public is here with a saber agridulce, but part of the gentia only ganas de verla otra vez en los scenarios, pero arrastraba las palabras, olvidaba dialogos y hasta dormitaba, es una diva y no merece terminar así. The sequel has 26 layers, the functions by which, and which ones we have, we do not care about what happens then ”, finalize.

Silvia Pinal has been manipulated


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