Spanish platform created biomarkers imaging infantile tumor

Leonor Cerdá.

Do not count atros at that el ‘Primage’ projectled by el Hospital La Fe de Valenciaobtaining the first results, the cups to see the light from the front summer of 2023. This platform creates a series of predictive models and image biomarkersgracias a la artificial intelligencewhich allowed the clinical saber cuál es la supervivencia in months or years and what type of treatment is most effective for them people with neuroblastoma y diffuse intracranial glioma (DIPG). A diagnosis that “allows oncologists to diagnose is a type of tumor that is less frequent than a form more effective than the need for biopsy in patients”, explicitly Leonor CerdáPhD in Physics and a member of the Imaging Biomedical Investigation team at the Institute of Sanitary Investigation in La Fe, Medical Redaction.

For Cerdá, whoever claims to be with this project is “given the amount of information provided by a biopsy a part of las radiological imagingas puede ser la magnetic resonancewhich are found in the habitual clinical practice lasting el diagnostic and treatment of this type of pediatric patientsusing all the data obtained from the different European hospitals that form part of the medium through the use of computational methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence“.

Currently, the hospital center is located “in the Last year of the project“, según Cerdá, y se están llevando a cabo” los tltimos predictive models as it is from supervision, from being treated or dealt with tumor aggressionamong others “. Respect is the ultimate, the biomedical engineering engine that, in the case of neuroblastoma“hay many subtypes and these are very heterogeneous and, by the way, the objective is to find the dates that are proportional to radiological imaging “information can be extracted that is usually left in the clinical practice and traced to the biopsy.”

Durante todo esto año 2022 se lvvará a cape la tltima phasa del ‘Primage’ project which treats implant all selective algorithms y, a vez finalized esto, to pass the validation phase of lismos. Thank you for this platform, “Doctors Submit Subsidiaries of New Cases That Present and Provide Clinically Relevant Information for Your Subscription”, subraya Cerdá.

Working with image analysis and radiologists

In quantum al radiologist paper in this project, Cerdá clarifies that “these hacens should work at the time of diagnosing these pediatric tumors, because it is hermaphroditic in artificial intelligence you can cover everything in the pictures that we do not want to compare with this human beinghow they can be intensified between different vixels of the image or types of relation between subgroups of tumor mass, habitats, which can be used to report information about tumor aggression“.

“The platform can extract quantitative image patrons that can be used to predict clinical outcome”

It is an investigation that a simple view is an image like a scaling bar, “on a computational level, the permite platform extraterrestrial quantitative patrons to share images, “can be predictors of the clinical result being evaluated, how can they be supervised or treated,” said Cerdá.

The inclusion of ‘Primage’ in the European Innovation Radar

Según explicitly the expert, is project abordon dos types of pediatric cancers: neuroblastoma y DIPG, which, in some cases, “have a high mortality rate and therapeutic complexity, compared to all DIPGs that are practically 100 by one of the people diagnosed with this pathology”. However, it can be said that “we have a number of rare tumors that do not have a large number of cases and have not actually been exploited, as it is the case of mom or lung cancer that has the highest incidence and count with a major number of genetically, biologically and imaginative studies “.

In the case of DIPG, Cerdá said in detail, “the tumors that do not undergo biopsy at the site of morbid mortality that are implicit and do not conceive, but which determine that the patient is not being treated”. Por ello, el ‘Primage’ project to add that “the image has a much larger proportion than the new information that is still present”.

“The European Commission has unequivocally acknowledged the need for process and image analysis in Pediatric Oncology on its Innovation Radar”

Razón por la cual, según apunta Cerdá, “la European Commission has decided to reconcile the process of processing and analysis of images in pediatric oncology Innovation Radar“. This is the meaning for the” one size fits all “engineering that follows a European initiative that encourages innovation to reach its full potential.

The ‘Priming’ application in the clinic

The biomedical engineering profession that “el ‘Primage’ futuro There are some variations: for one thing, the existence of a European-level database that contains practically more than 1,000 datasheets. neuroblastoma y de DIPG which facilitates European clinicians finding conclusions of this type of tumor “. This facilitates, según Cerdá,” the work of others futuros projects and the data being recovered, curated, structured and completed in ‘Primage’ are interoperable with other repositories created “.

Y, por otro lado, “el level of heat treatment that they receive pediatric patients. treatments benefit patients or patientses decir, mejorar la medicina personalizada “.

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