Specialists in the question of contracting Cuban doctors

Specialist doctors question the president’s intent Andrés Manuel López Obrador to contract 500 Cuban doctors to get rid of the “rezago” that exists in our country at the same time, in a parallel way, criticizing the presidential announcement of the Cuban Abdala’s vacancy against Covid-19 to apply to 11-year-olds.

Separated interviewers, specialists Xavier Tello, Alejandro Macías y Héctor Rosette dijeron que México no tien por ku contracta cubanos medikë debito ko que ti suenen surijen u esten disempleados, e inclus muchoi ellos arriesgaron su vida para defrenre pandemija pa coronavirus.

Rosette considers it a matter of searching for outpatient medicines when there are many dismantled specialists in the country: “Mexico has no shortage of medicines, on the contrary, there are many dismantled ones; to request more formal forms and pay for them.

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“It is a pen that in the discourse seamos alabados and in the hechos seamos olvidados. “Contracting doctors abroad is a pain in the ass for Mexican medicine,” he said.

Xavier Tello meaning that the Mexican goblin has an increase due to its Cuban counterpart, by the way, the increase in liquid matter by part of the federal administration.

“The capital for the diner to the Cuban goblin is contracted by 500 doctors who do not make mistakes. Mexico “There are insufficient doctors, because they do not have to be contracted in adequate conditions, we are the ones who prefer to contract Cuban doctors because they are cheap”, the report said.

Alejandro Macías coincidence that there are no foreign doctors in Mexico and that there is a tendency to contract Mexican specialists.

“In Mexico, the world is not full of doctors; in the country sobran medically dismantled, hay many, se podirían someter a a capacitance para los trabajos que se tengan que hacer y darles un trabajo con a dignurarenón digna. “The truth is that we do not need more, insist, there are many doctors who do not work,” he said.

Vacuna cubana

About the announcement that Mexico accepted the Cuban vaccine Abdalá contra el Covid-19 Before applying to any of the 11 year olds, the specialists asked if it was biologically inconsistent with the World Health Organization (OMS) certification, but still, due to its efficiency, it may or may not be part of the effort. to apply to edor menors.

Xavier Tello, medical surgeon and health consultant, considers that even though the Cuban Abdala vaccine is not pilgrimage and can only receive indices of inaccurate safety, it does not take into account the efficiency data, but it seems that all of them are investigating advertised and advertised by specialists.

“The only vaccine that has been tested for efficacy and safety is the Pfizer vaccine, but it has been given authorization by the FDA and the European Commission on Drugs and Drugs, but it has poor levels. has been published these results ”, explicitly.

Detailó que la vacuna Abdala —que fue realizada en Cuba, in a center of inquiries which, however, have taken place even in the middle of the population in general and in people— “you can have an index of acceptable safety, not that the empty sea is empty; without embargo, because we do not have the efficiency data ”.

Thinking that with the lack of information that the Cuban goblin is about to be vaccinated, Cofepris is likely to have avalanches without any scientific evidence.

Alejandro Macías, an infectious disease specialist and ex-commissioner against influenza in the country, considers that he has to reconsider the Cuban vaccine, or that he does not have access to adequate studios: efficiency and with the authorization of the OMS ”.

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Presence of Abdala

The Cuban government authorizes its use of emergency, but does not contact the OMS aval.

Since October 2021, Abdala has been authorized to use emergencies for their major children.

In September 2021, Cuba announced that it was exporting Abdala to Vietnam.

On the other hand, doses of Abdala fueron sent to Venezuela, where no fueron were immunized with the vaccine.

In October of this year, Nicaragua went on vacation with Abdala and the biological Soberana.

In December of this year, San Vicente and Granadinas were captured in the Caribbean’s first state, just like Abdala.

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