Speculate on the renunciation of Pope Francis for health problems

The state of the frigil salud del Pope Franciscowho sailed on their way to Africa, feeding them rumores about a positive dimisiónbut the experts advised that it is not sent as sent.

Visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo of Sudan del Sur, search for julian initials, post indefinitely, and many will help you travel to Canadain the final of this essay, trace the verse haciendo muecas de dolor durante algunas public apariciones.

The Vatican says that Canada’s journey is “just new advice”.

One of the 85-year-old Francisco Mayo, using a stream of rods or a cane, debilitated by a full body of water rod.

To aliviarlo, recibe regularly injections and physiotherapy sessions, según el Vaticano, que mantiene un perfil bajo sobre su salud.

The treatment of “following your course and being given fruit” is a guarantee of the Vatican.

With the embargo, these are the latest changes in Santa Sede’s agenda that have revived concerns about Jorge Bergoglio’s capacity for gobernars and the passing of a rumor of a possible dimension.

This theory regresses the cyclic manner, considering the Italian Vatican Marco Politi, author of the book “Francisco, the fifth and the Renaissance”.

“These rumors are fed by the adversaries of the Pope who only want to see the salute of Francisco”, assured.

In 2014, the pontifical proprietorship contributed to the support of hypothesis, considering that Benedict XVI had “opened a door” to rebuild his cargo.

Collaborators of the Pope lo ayudan a tomar asiento en el Vaticano. (Photo: Reuters)

“Medical Frenzy”

Some experts measure the viability of a near balance.

“In the interior of the Pope, the majority does not create much in the capacity of a dimension,” the Vatican said in a statement.

From the moment he seeks to assert that the Pope is my sister, I can say many things: the daughter-in-law of Juan Pablo II in 1993 and the term in 2005, the record of Alberto Melloni, historian of Christianity and secretary of the Foundation of Religious Sciences .

“They are the ones who have the ganas to enter, to speculate, but they have to decide”, added.

Valoró un “desmesurado frenesí meditático en torno al Papa ya la Iglesia”.

Francisco’s healthy state of health has led to speculation that a colon operation will take place in July 2021.

The pontificate of a chronicle and tuft that extends beyond a lung into its juvenile.

According to Juan Pablo II, the progress made during the era was very visible, with the exception of those who were surprised and shocked by the false news, “said Father Federico Lombardi, the former director of the Santa Sede Prince’s Hall.

Francisco agacha la cabeza during a ceremony at the Plaza de San Pedro. (Photo: Reuters)

According to Benedict XVI, the greatness of progress and prosperity, in the form of gradual, agitation, reflection of the emperor, who now has 95 years and lives in a monastery of the Vatican.

Agenda muy ocupada

In September 2021, Francisco – who is receptive to politically or religiously responsible minority – was ironically ironic about rumor.

Aún estoy “vivo aunque algunos quieren mi muerte”, dijo en ese momento.

For all events avivan the rumors, between the 27th of August consisting of designing new cardinals, including the future electrons in the case of chains, a very special moment before this event.

In continuation, the Pope reunited the cardinals of the world in Rome and visited the tomb of Celestino V, the first pontiff to be found in the XIII century, in L’Aquila.

This conjuncture without precedent intrigue the Italian and international princess and algunos lo ven as an opportunity for the Pope to announce his decision.

For ahora, se trata de ser realista y no alarmista “, matizó Marco Politi.

Según él, is concentrating on a simple “moment of general discussion about the reform of Curia”, the Vatican bulletin, officialized by the inclusion of a new “Constitution” in the principles of June.

Another central theme for Francisco is the World Synod of Obispos, a comprehensive consultation on the Iglesias organization finalized in 2023.

This event “is about a miniconciliation: as a partial difference imagined that the pope who is in the media is a big project that has been decimated”, affirmed Politi, who also expressed concern about the failure of ten paparazzi in the Vatican.

The Pope salutes his children in the Plaza de San Pedro. (Photo: Reuters)



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