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¡It’s playing outside! The Cinépolis and Cinemex cartels also welcome movies like ‘Downton Abbey: A new era’, ‘The talent guy’, ‘C’mon C’mon’, among many other titles.

As dictating the semantic tradition, the Cinemapolis and Cinemex cartels have the auspices of external films como Downton Abbey: A new era; The weight of talentcomedy starring Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal; C’mon C’mon: Simply adelante, the regression of Joaquin Phoenix in a drama that exploits the relation of a solitary man to a niece. Y si lo tuyo es el terror, entonces podrías considerar La abuela.

If you do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. you do not want to be tempted to find something like this Doctor Strange in a variety of places y Jurassic World: Dominio. Now pontemodo cómo because you want to have a repose on all the strains that run through the Cinépolis and Cinemex cartels from this 28th of April.

‘Downton Abbey: A new era’

Downton Abbey: A new erawant to return to the famous elegance to admire a new adventure that commends when the last members of the Crawley family make a trip to France to unravel the mystery of the villa located in the heirloom of Condesa Viuda. Designed by Violet to recycle a card in which information is converted due to an enormous supply to France, thanks to the hegemony of a friend who conjures up atresia.

Now, travel through the villa to the saber who is’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s,’s’s’s’s’s’s’s,’s’s’s’s’s’s’s By other means, Lord Grantham receives a piece of paper from a director of a cinematographic company, which needs its sound for its ultimate movie. Aunque la idea no le agrada demasiado, la exuberante offer to llevará a dejar a Mary a cargo y dejarla hacer lo que sabe mejor.

‘The weight of talent’

Frustrated creatively and with problems of the diner, Nicolas Cage decides to accept a million dollars and exchange the assist in the fiesta of a super fan who goes to the most great follower of the world: Javi (Pascal). With the embargo, things and an inaccurate cycle when Cage is recruited by the CIA, that the multimillion-dollar fan is a cap of the drug.

It is obligatory to rejuvenate your most iconic and ready-made characters, even if you try to get rid of them or they are too complicated. Su carrera lo preparó para vivir este momento; the actor who won the first prize should interpret the picture of his life: Nicolas Cage.

‘C’mon C’mon: Simempre adelante’

Starring Joaquin Phoenix under the direction of Mike Mills, C’mon C’mon: Simultaneously presenting the story of a documentary filmmaker who works with his sobriety in a project that involves some superpowers linking to his bipolar body trastorno. Do not embarrass yourself on a trip to the campground that changes its views.

‘Battle in the Changjin Lake’

Battle in Lake Changjin, launched in the 1950s, in the region of Lake Changjin, when a battle broke out between the United States and China. With extreme air conditioning, chest of drawers and a large difference in armament, the Chinese tropics forge on the cam on the battlefield.

El largometraje, directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam; starring the current stars in China, Wu Jing and Jackson Yee, tell the story of Victoria’s victory Ejército Popular Liberation in extreme climatic and contra-conditional conditions over the North American tropics enduring one of the most violent battles of the Korean War.

‘The Mandela effect’

¿What happens when there are conflicts and personal drama guarded by our electronic panels, which only the algae dentin disposition of a device disposed of superiorly? The Mandela Effect is a fictional science fiction thriller in the fictional city of Megalopolis by NFT artist Addicted to technology, Nico Rothko (Andres Torrano) pierced all of his family’s diner into an inverted mala inversion.

En The Mandela effectNico must unearth what it is like to brake and try to recreate it in the laboratory condition in order to find a way out of it that suits your family at home, all the way to the curtain of vision, cell phone attachment – ” the digital heroine “, searching for the non-existent verbs of an adjacent father and mentally a polyamorous relation. The young man with his close friends will soon find out that he needs to get deeper and overcome an enormous trauma to liberate him to his full potential.

‘La abuela’

Abuela is a cinta of terror and suspicion, directed by Paco Plaza (The Position of Veronica), which follows the story of Susana, a model attracting a small laboratory tempo, which is required to drive the city when it has stable stability to travel to Madridwhere they must be guided by Pilar’s abuela, which acaba de sufrir un derrame cerebral.

I owe it to Pilar to take care of her inadequate death, the young man considering that it is his turn to devote his favor and assume accountability. Despite the ease of accepting a lab offer in the city, Susana has to find what she can afford with her hometown. When a pair of sensors is mounted, it flies in a pedestal, agobia due to the chaos of the city and a series of extraneous extras from the abuela.

‘Franco Escamilla: Payaso’

Franco Escamilla: Payasor it is a special stand-up, which represents the new show of the Mexican comedian, but also the most personal, of the car of the notable comedian Franco Escamilla, even though he recovers variations of anecdotes and tragedies more intimately from his screws, because of the holes he has in each case in the release of his personal and professional screwswhich is formed in an iconic tan that rises from the comedy room.

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