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MICHIGAN – Olivia Hillier’s parallel activity comes with a $ 5 shirt that sits in a second hand tie.

Hillier, a medical student at the University of Oakland based in Rochester, Michigan, has a wealth of experience locating some of his favorite plants in the Poshmark Revenge app. Ella nunca pensó mucho en eso. Throughout the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it is now clear that other Poshmark vendors will benefit from the second-hand fashion haze.

Motivated by the immediate students (the medical school matrix costs approximately $ 220,000 a year), study and study the strategies used to create an appropriate follow-up plan.

Esa primera camiseta is for sale for $ 20. Out of the blue, Hillier’s parallel work generated more than $ 117,000 in total, including $ 85,000 solo per year. We currently have a $ 6,000 to $ 7,000 price tag on it, since CNBC Make It reviewed documents have recently been added to buy some hay bins.

“If you do not have a hubie’s negotiation, you do not want a backup account,” said Hillier, 26, of CNBC Make It. “The tendency to use precursors to cut through the muscles of the uterus, además de la matricula”.

Hillier is a graduate of the Kinsas School of Medicine and is currently studying in Kansas for the sole purpose of booking a residency in family medicine. Ella says that those who work hard to raise $ 25,000 in down payment rates and an initial salary of up to $ 1, and cut back on their mortgage payments of $ 2,100 per month.

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As Hillier constructs his secondary work:


Hillier’s investigation was launched in August 2020, after noting that other Poshmark vendors had published miles of items that could not possibly contain any of their proprietary weapons. Enter as many as possible to obtain second-hand and minority inventory such as Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx.

Follow the following methods by trying different methods. Center in a style, vintage vibrant laminating pieces, but these items are sold more quickly. Your tie is ground with an audience of “professional youngsters” comprising mainly 25 to 40 year olds, say ella.

Pero ella did not establish ganando much dinero. Initially, $ 20 to $ 30 per item, regardless of item value. Desperate to investigate which similar pieces are now being sold, especially in Poshmark as popular minorities are being adapted. Now, these vests, which say that their most popular items, are sold between $ 25 and $ 200, depending on the brand and the minority value.

As an embargo, Hillier’s work did not really take place until he found a routine to balance the clothesline with the medical school.

Viernes, iba de la class a la tyndas de segunda mano y pasaba esas tardes clacificando y limpiando ropa. Domingos, model and tomaba photos from your new stock. The lunches, between the rotations of the hospitals, are the new products in your Poshmark cabinet. In each case, I’ve got a friend in the office.

“You have to be disciplined and have a routine,” says Hillier. “Si no me gustara tanto, no tendría tiempo para ello”.

As a result, the interest rate on the rent, whether to rent or to buy, ascends to 14% in part shares.


Hillier says that now between 20 and 40 hours in the week he writes, publishes and sends clothes. Your inventory, now with more than 1100 items, has been added to keep your constants busy, including semen where the hospital is loading water.

The system is not perfect. For example, Hillier says that Poshmark is about 20% off what it’s worth $ 15. Depop, a competing platform, solo se leva el 10%. The Facebook Marketplace currently does not cobra place vendors with a Facebook account.

For Hillier, the amigable services for the Poshmark vendor have the lowest rates. When ordering an item in Poshmark, the shipping platform electronically labeled a vendor with a weight and direction of the preloadable shipping. All that the vendor has to do is put the label on the tea and put it in the office.

The platform is well stocked with the keys and developments of the compradors, with Hillier saying that, on the contrary, it tends to be problematic.

“It’s different to negotiate with the old man, and you can not complain to all,” she says.

The rates on the platform are not slowing down Hillier’s progress. Its parallel activity generated more than $ 55,000 in English in 2022.

A new hovercraft in Kansas, Hillier and, more recently, a commercial SkyWest Airlines pilot, has designed a “Poshmark Habitat”. Part of the diner of your second job pays the mortgage of the house. The rest, dice, are destined for new furniture, voyages, boats and student beds.

“Many people can not expect stable work in the medical school because they do not have the time or the flexibility,” says Hillier. “It is aggravable in solo tener time for hager algo that with taste, sino también permitrimme otras cosas… Quiero mantener is negotiation in the brand lasting the residence and super continuous when sea medical assistant”.

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