Suffering from the diagnosis of esophageal cancer screening

The specialist who exposes any symptoms is important to carry out medical follow-up.

Dr. Carlos Micames gastroenterologist, Gastroenterologist Interventionist. Photo: MSP Archive

El Dr. Carlos Micames, Gastroenterologist Interventionists detail that in Puerto Rico they have a exchange rate, in which escalated cell cancer was the most common, without embargo, in the last 50 years have seen that the cases of adenocarcinoma han aumentado drastically.

“In general, the owner is 5 years old, which is usually the case of malignant tumors, the screw of the 5 year olds approximate to 50%, we have all the types esophageal cancerwithout embargo, we say that if the patient has an advanced condition, then tumor it has spread out on other parts of the body, it can be significant, it can be as much as 5% of the screws ”, commented the gastroenterologist.

Tending this at the moment, the expert emphasis on importing hackers to your studios and time, being sent to the doctors and listening to it medically to identify the lesions of the temprana form and avoid complications.

al esophageal cancer is a condition in which a desarrolla un tumor or a mass in the esophagus’s area, which is a tube that flows from the throat to the esophagus, as a consequence, the patient being able to present different symptoms and complications associated with the condition. This type of cancer is present with the highest frequency in adult adults over 50 years old.

The specialist who explains that there are types of esophageal cancer is: escalated cell cancer y el adenocarcinomael escalated cell cancer originates in the upper part, in the most part of the esophagus. Without embargo, this type of cancer is very frequent, among the risk factors, being found in the excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes.

In the case of adenocarcinomathe major risk factor is a concomitant infection such as esophageal sphincter, “it is a condition that surges secondary to gastroesophageal reflux, usually in men and people who have reflux and acid reflux and take a lot of pain, typically, easily”.

Either way, obesity is a risk factor for alcohol, cigarette smoking, and family history of the patient, in the case of the last patient, referring to patients who are suffering from family allergies. esophageal cancer.

Most frequent phrases:

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On the diagnostic side, the expert detail that there are variations on probation, “usually when a person presents with the symptom of dysphagia, many medicines identify it as an alarm signal and consequently, only to refer to a gastroenterologist”. The specialist in continuing and supporting a superior tract endoscopy, “in many cases we can identify these lesions, in particular as the meaning of a significant picture”.

De igual manner, el gastroenterologist explicitly that the most significant advance that is heard is to enter the patient’s esophagus, and pulls out a pair of pliers to find different patterns that can be seen and analyzed, with the goal of identifying template and pectoral lesions that can be read alterar el tratamiento para el tumor or the cancer.

In the case of radiological studios, computed tomography scans can be performed, in which case a large lesion, without embargo, can be observed. In the same way, there is a barium fluoroscopy study, in which a esophagogram is performed, in which the patient undergoes a contrast-enhanced X-ray machine, as well as a plate. This is a study of graves and tumors.


There are many advances in dentistry of the last 15 years, especially in the case of small tumors and in those where there is no evidence that exists elsewhere in the body, although this expert explicitly says “much earlier these patients are referred to again al tumor the esophagus, having its own sense, is not for the sake of a sense of humor, I have to conceive a high risk ”.

While the surrogate, in some cases, has an option, the specialist emphasizes that there are alternatives that serve much in the theme of recovery, “many of the treatments are defined depending on the stage of the tumor”. However, the details are that the tumors are localized and small, that they can be removed endoscopically.

No obstante, si el tumor is more advanced, since a multimodal treatment, in which combining chemotherapy with radiation, is usually the option of using anticirculation, including in some cases, if tumor departure from the need for a surgical intervention.

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