Suicide bombings in Mexico, and alert: UNAM

In Mexico every year there are more suicides. In 2020 hubo 7 mil 896. It is most frequent among men and young women between 14 and 29 years of age. | Photo: Getty Images.

In Mexico every year los suicidios. Figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)e hasta 2020 hubo 7 mil 896 casos, 700 more with respect to 2019 and more than in 2018.

And so, follow the doctorate Laura Barrientos Nicolás, psychiatrist and academic from the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Suicidal ideation is the main psychiatric urgency in the worldy, sadly, In Mexico, only a handful of people consumed suicide, although it was increased “En escalera”.

I agree with the specialist in mental health, aunque hay more intentions of suicide in women, is a lot most often men and women between 14 and 29 years of age consume suicidethat is, in the case of women, lethality is minor.

In the case of men, the 81.6% of suicide attempts are consumedand the most used method for morir by propia mano it is moving, following the use of a weapon and launching on fire. At the same time, they preferably use other doses of psychiatric drugs or other types of medications.

With the young men, Barrientos Nicolás said that it is lamentable that sea suicide is more frequent in juveniles, INEGI figures show that out of 7 million 896 people committing suicide, 2 mil 293 tenían 20 to 29 years old and 260 years old teenagers 10 to 19 years old. Figures that add up to the size of the comedic acts.

Factors that increase the risk of committing suicide

Follow UNAM, un 50% of the population with suicide intentions present causes such as psychiatric disorderssuch as panic disorder, rupture of the parenchyma, death of a cervix, a terminal nurse such as cancer or renal failure, about all patients receiving dialysis, the curtain of economic status and the 19-degree COV duration of the pandemic.

Depression related to suicidal ideationis another problem in the services of atención psiquiátricasaid Barrientos Nicolás, who aggregates that since 2000 he has been vaccinated since 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, “having a second cause of discontinuity”.

“[Esto] it should not be combined with this alarming prediction, which is super ”.

La ansiedad, ligation and depression and suicidal ideation are often frequently disturbed. There are people who, because of the misinformation and stigma about mentally ill people, are up to 14 years old at a Psychiatric service.

  • Consumption of psychoactive substances

Otra de las more frequent psychiatric urgencies their patients are in a state of intoxication by consuming psychoactive substances.

Torture of the brain, curtain of appetite and libido, crisis of attachment, “sensation of imminent death” or alterations in the stage of concussion with symptoms but which can be taken for solicitation consultation or emergency services, sostuvo la academademica de la UNAM.

Do you have more risk of committing suicide?

Acuerdo with the specialist, they have the highest risk of suicide the major 45 year old men (about all ancians) who do not have the red of apoyo (their sons or daughters), as well as people with other sexual preferences, but the social struggle.

Además, se observa a high risk of suicide in many houses with shadows which in them are not characteristic.

Pero the young population is the most vulnerable. In Mexico and in the world se mantendrá constante el suicidal ideation. Currently the fourth cause of death in juveniles and in 2029 is calculated to be the second in juvenile mortality.

On the other hand, the specialist points out that if you do not take care of more prevention strategies, you will expect the prevalence of suicides to continue in Alsace.

Las persons with intent to commit suicide, apunta Barrientos Nicolás, eleva mucho el suicidal ideation, by the way, it’s being “very pending” of your ideas and ideas.

“Do you present super-validated ideas of cul-de-sac and dispersion, or do you have suicidal structural planning data; for example, when writing despedida cards ”.

Ó How to prevent and take advantage of a risky situation?

In case of psychiatric urgency, potentially suicidal and familial subjects can be added to Hospital Psychiatrist Fray Bernardino vlvarez, at the National Institute of Psychiatry and the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, among other institutions of salutation in the City of Mexico.

No obstante, ante el constant suicidal ideation in the country, for Barrientos Nicolás it is not necessary to organize the instances of salutation and governance involving the manner in which the hermeneutics and the personal capacity are carried out in order to obtain psychiatric urgencies; además, they must create greater consistency in the population before they can identify symptoms that are “a little red” and search for medical-psychiatric aids.

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