Synergy medically and engineering the patient’s health

Alfonso Quiroga, Xavier Escayola, José Luis Martín and Sergio Ruiz at the expense of the X Global Hospital Engineering Center.

The technological evolution of the latest decadences is traced to professions such as engineers, mathematicians or architects in a new role in the team of the hospitals of the National Health System (SNS). La “Symbiosis” which has been connected to the assisting teams has demonstrated a key function for “Mejorar la salud” of patient patients and their advances in different fields of knowledge.

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It’s one of the main conclusions to be drawn from the topic of ‘Gestation of medical technology with impact on health’ X Global Housing Engineering Center que organiza Medical Redaction. The cycle of currents with the expiration of the Association of Spanish Engineering Hospitals (AEIH), the patrocinio de Carburos Médica and the collaboration of Emproarial Electromedic Group (GEE) y Serveo.

Xavier Escayola, chief of the Bioengineering of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, exhibits the paper which he has since specialized in since 2005 when he has been working and transversely working with the fields of hospitality, assistance, technology and including the summer. “We do not mount a respirator and we do not, if we intentionally want to know if it is the most useful, inform the personal assistant, we have a segregation and integration to ensure that the information goes to our command center”, Ha relatado.

The telecommunications expert explained that the members of the manhole, in the last decade the engineers were amplified in the hospitals in the equipment monitoringla telemedicine, the use of ‘big data’, la quirky navigation, la robotics and included virtual reality. “The excitement is creating a multidisciplinary team that combines sanitary and technological expertise,” he said.

Mesa on the ‘Guest of medical technology with impact on health’ of the X Global Hospital Engineering Center.

The technological revolution of the pandemic

This situation is marked by the release of the latest decays accelerating exponentially with the retouches that produce the Covid-19 pandemic in the sanitary systems. An experience as the technical director of Information Systems of the Guarantee of Atencion Primary of the Madrileño de Salud Service (Sermas), Sergio Ruizhas been rated as one “Transformation”That has been leaked to others.

The sanitary crisis is forced to create a new program in Atención Primaria to unify the data that Iban from the consultants have the basics of the sanitary professionals, the vacancies administered, the home and medical attractions or the medicines with a risk profile. “We are creating a new information structure of clinical content that the concierge should be tampered with by professionals from day to day ”, he added.

The incorporation of technology has been facilitated in this case construction of mandrel frames which are ensured to be up to date to coordinate your personal or inspection departments. The adjacent pass by integrate this type of advance into the retro telemedicine and video consultations.

Sergio Ruiz, technical director of Information Systems of the Guarantee of Atención Primaria del Servicio Madrileño de Salud (Sermas); José Luis Martín, Head of the Radiodiagnostic Service of the Hospital Universitario Clínico San Cecilio (Granada); and Xavier Escayola Elías, chief of the Bioengineering of the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona.

3D printing to facilitate operations

Other revolutionary technologies that improve patient’s attentionality are the desolation of 3D impression, which require direct coordination between the auxiliary and technical profiles. Esta herramienta tiene un impacto, por ejemplo, en la recreation of anatomical models to prepare surgical interventions. Measures that take the first steps to implant orejas natural recreadas.

“It’s a work in progress a simple symbiosis between doctors and engineers that is supporting solutions ”, has been explained in the ponencia José Luis Martínhead of the Radiodiagnostic Service of the University Clinical Clinic San Cecilio de Granada.

A moment of mass on the ‘Gestation of medical technology with impact on health’ of the X Global Hospitable Engineering Center.

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