Take a step back from Shakira’s infidelity

Gerard Piqué is a one-of-a-kind asset disabled by Shakiraasí af afirman varios medios españoles los cuals indican que el futbolista ne tië asureura su su participation in la proxima temporada del FC Barcelona.

If so, Gerard Piqué any one of the spanish footballers more than I want to participate in Barcelona and with National Selection of Spainsus recientes scandalous personal trace darse and conocer su separation from Shakira habrían affected his professional career.

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Mediums approaching the directive of deportivo club aseguran que entre la controversia y lo mucho que pagan al jugador, la salida de Gerard Piqué the permits to contract from other south, in the manner of a new wind for Barcelona.

If it is Gerard Piqué saliera de las filas del Barcelona, ​​se cree that the teams of Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain sail to their new destination, but this sabotage saves complicate the Shakira’s custody agreement for the shadows that share, Milan and Sasha.

Aunque Shakira anyway with your shadows and waiting for your father to recover from the accident grave that suffers, Gerard Piqué If you have a mandrel with a profile against the scandal, through various media in the area where your entrances are located in the afterlife department, when you want to see and separate the separation of the Colombian singer.

Piké’s lovely need to remove the silencer

The Spanish program “Socialité” presumably has news with la present illusion of Gerard Piquéthe woman who has no responsibility for the separation between the football player and Shakira and that’s been given a radical turn in history.

In the meantime, the woman has decided to be anonymous but secure by ensuring that she separates from the world, when she insists that she does not know Gerard Piqué. There is a 22-year-old Catalan young man who is assured that he is related to the footballer without any hesitation and assurance that he is not blowing new hair from Shakira.

The young man assured that he was standing in the restaurant onde Gerard Piqué to know the wife and that otherwise, except as soon as it is possible to accuse or otherwise take legal action against the liable. The woman recalculates that she first sold the name of the current football player’s first name, because her initials were CC and she was waiting to see a variety of games.

Aunque Shakira y Gerard Piqué announcing its separation a little bit, we expect that the distance between the two places will be the same as those fired by Disney in the middle of 2022.

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