Tatan did not go to CU for Mozo, but went to Palermo Ortiz – Sniper


There was no shortage of blue-and-gold fans who were thrilled to see it Nanny Martino In the game against Cruz Azul in Konka WITH:because there were many who thought so Boy: He earned a place in El Tri with his attacking game, until he watered La Makina with a life-giving goal. I’m tired of repeating, but it all ends. Alan, like Chicharo, is downgraded for disciplinary reasons. So simple.

Unfortunately, many did not realize that El Trie’s coach had gone to another defender who excelled in the game against the Cementers, who surprised Palermo Ortiz with his high level since arriving in Cantera. As you read it, it is very likely that Martino will give him a chance at a coffee shop in the United States. There is no doubt that despite being 29 years old, he has earned it.

To shine with Pumas, Ortiz was smart, he knew how to make the right sacrifices. He was stuck with Leones Negros in Expansión Em Ex, he had a good contract, և when Alpizar called him to go to Pumas Tabasco, Palermo even agreed to reduce his salary. Arturo asked UdeG to send him the letter because he had a contract, but he succeeded because he knew he could one day be promoted to the All-Star team at the University. That’s what happened.

Today, Ortiz already has a contract extension, a significant salary improvement, and now he even has the opportunity to fight for a place with the Mexican national team. Come on!


Well, guess who I came across on my way back from Qatar, who I did not see in the media, who is still active, it would be very interesting if he talked about the quagmire he left behind after the change. Positions: Mr. Enrique Bonilla.

Well, he continues to charge for Doña Fede, remember that after his departure in 2020, he was left in that position of “internationalization” of Mexican football, but in reality he is just an advisor. He has been invited to the FIFA World Cup, as he is still chairing the World League Forum and a member of the football governing body. Bonilla interferes a lot, for example, in the negotiations of the most important leagues with FIFpro, which is the International Footballers’ Association.

He currently lives in Madrid, where he gives his name so that his friend and partner in Mexico, lawyer Peniche, can continue to show up with his football advisor in Polanco, who already works with several teams in our country. .

So I came across it by accident, as Bonilla tries to stay incognito in these big events, so neither the managers nor the media doubt him for all the peace he left to Mikel Ariola, Veracruz’s debts, Lobos worries. BUAP և sale to Ciudad Juarez, և most importantly, old Ascenso’s vacation, which is hardly compiled with Expansión Em Ex.


In order not to leave the controversial topic this week if the promotion of Liga MX opens, it is clear that this opportunity will not be missed soon, as the five clubs that have submitted their documents for certification only. Both are close to the minimum requirements: Atlanta և Morelia, but at least four are needed to open the door.

Coincidentally, the other three are the rebels who sued the Doña Fede և member clubs when the bottom line changed, and now they want your help to move forward. Do you think anyone would like to help them? Obviously unprofessional in Mexican football. Besides, they are far from compliance. Roadrunner is owned by the state government, Venados has not even begun construction of its stadium, and Leones Negros continues to disguise the government’s sponsor of fiscal matters. So they do not obey.

As long as there are no teams that will show the ability to compete in the former league, forget about returning to our football promotion.

Following the announcement of the Doña Fede about the applicants, the commission that will decide who can be certified is just being formed, where Murray de Michoacan will face several enemies, who will no doubt point the finger at him. In time


Clinging to Pumas questions, I inform you that my friend Talavera has not yet updated his blue-gold club and has not accepted the offer of Ciudad Juarez. They tell me that Baves has slowed down so that the powerful can now reflect on their high salaries, because they do not like the idea of ​​losing minutes from the next tournament to push back national obligations. Team.

There was talk of a “goalkeeper” on the university board, but they have not yet reached an agreement, because despite the fact that they are raising his salary, Tala wants to secure a longer contract, at least for a couple of years. something that even Pumas can not guarantee.


And to close what pants Nacho Ambriz has in order to defend the punishment of the disorderly Toluka. Sincerely, despite the fact that yesterday he met one of the toughest rivals in the Meme X League as Ryados, he dared to beat Canello, Vanegas, Samudio and Rigonato, as I told you in the previous column. Applause for the character of Don Ignacio Ambrose.


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