Technology and health, a very efficient access to bienestar

High-tech technology is an hermaphroditic hermaphrodite for our diarrhea, all in its personal form as stored in the laboratory. Including many devices in proportion to the functions to which they are directed, as well as cardiac measures. Technology in health is a key factor and we are here to help you.

In the latest technology and internet services, it is often impossible to perform any of the following activities. Tanto en el ámbito personal as professional. In the context of salud, han surgido differs different technological hermeneutics. Like telemedicine, mobile health and electronic health registers, buscan take care of access to services, efficiency and quality in efficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic detonates the adoption of new technological technologies for people to adapt to social distance. By the way, the digital model has gained a major relevance in our two days. The Internet has opened the door to access to health, medical attention and information, overcoming barriers to geography. Simultaneously, it collapsed to amplify and improve the continuity of attenuation. Measures that focus on transparency in the decision-making body.

For example, in the case of not being able to assist with a prescription medicine, or by availability, but do not adjust the schedule or contact medical insurance. The patient can get an online quote, at the time of the meeting and with the medicine of their choice. On the other hand, health professionals and clinicians optimize their service with software oriented to the programming, efficiency, evaluation of the medical consultation and the timing of the tanto for the medicine as well as for the patient.

Doctoralia, the platform leads to a world level that connects patients and professionals to health. Have a portfolio of inflated solutions to humanize your experience in health as part of technological innovation.

In this form, physicians benefit from greater visibility in the field of digital technology; but on the other hand, the clinics and hospitals are better at aiming at the public media agenda and the automation of the lamas. In the end, the recipients who benefit the most are the patients.

Por ahora, los patientis se incuentran cada vez mós cómodos en el mundo digital. A client experience of PwC reports that 90% of Internet specialist patients, 86% of Mexican patients expect special attention when receiving health care services. And 80% of the specialized specialists use it to share the opinions of other patients.

Without embargo, we can not ignore the gaps that exist in the universal access to the digital input. As of 2020, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) has announced that it has a breach of access to benefit from disability. Mainly economic and social, debit from the internet connection fault, as the limit of electronic electronic services.

On the other hand, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications reports that, in Mexico, from 2013 to 2020, the internet access network service is 62 out of 100 people and the mobile service is 80 out of 100 residents. Doing so contributes to a more efficient medical attenuation for patients. If there is a crack in the way and concomitant of the digital media in our country.

It does not need to be superimposed as access to the salute, the alcance, the opportunity attenuation. As well as generating consistency from importing new technologies to the benefit of health.

It is sentient, Doctoralia mantiene a la vanguardia with more than 190 mil of professional salud registered on the platform. A record of more than one million bookings online only in March 2022 and more than 12 million patient patients during this period. Demonstrates the immediate interest of digital patients in recovering rapid, efficient and personalized attitudes.

In conclusion, a major collaboration between public, private and academic entities is inadmissible. To know that digital transformation processes are more eagles. Assuming that the patient must be at the center of the decisions that are made in the health ecosystem around the new technologies.

The digital transformation can take on a healthy sector and improve the form in which it works. With more efficient and effective models of attenuation and accessibility that are not available.

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