Tengo a transtorno limit of personality: eso no debería ser a gun against Amber Heard

Me diagnosticaron TLP (transcending personality limits) hase one three years. You have a particularly intrusive connection with a family member and finally decided to follow my head doctor, who took me to a psychiatrist. I only went through the sessions before diagnosis.

How many patients with TLP are trying to get a diagnosis but first, having a life sensation but having a number before you know, a specific term that can be used. The embargo, an egg that calms my emotions, made me feel different. Dudé en mencionalni mi my family or my family or booster, seamos sinceros, the phrase “emotionally inestable” does not inspire confusion in the majority of colleagues and family. The description of how a person with a threshold pints a specific image and engagement that is inherently confusing, because it is necessary to clear the world with respect to the reality of TLP before the majority of persons.

This week, Amber Heard recovers a TLP diagnostic with a personal history tracker by Dra. Shannon Curry, contracted by the legal team of Johnny Depp. The diagnostic is part of the course-of-course differentiation between Depp and Heard that commented on April 11th. Depp argues that Heard did not want to write an article published in The Washington Post in 2018 titled “I spoke up against sexual violence – and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change“(” Pronounced against sexual violence and exposed to the spirit of our culture. Eso tiene que cambiar “). Depp did not fire because of its name on the item.

The TLP is the most widely known personality trait. There are no new symptoms in total, and they should be supplemented with a TLP diagnostic; there will be impulsive behaviors (such as excessive substance use), self-healing, chronic emotional vacancy, abandoned tensions, and unstable relationships. Up to 75 per cent of people with TLP hack to men an intent of suicide in its life, and up to 10 per cent of people with TLP suicides by suicide.

Curry considers that Heard is “creed”, “juzgadora” and that he is unnatural, and the description as alguien that the passage alternates between the papers of “princess and victim”. I do not have a psychologist, but I have a vivid experience to get a lot of professional mental health capacity. Follow the Curry admission office, their observations “there is no sound”. M bis bien, “los puntajes [de Heard] fueron consistent with those other persons who have acquired these points […] [con] these are specific races ”.

La actriz Amber Heard escucha en la sala del Tribunal de Circuito del Condado de Fairfax en Fairfax, Virginia, el miércoles 27 de abril de 2022

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Actress Amber Heard screens at the Fairfax County Circus Tribunal in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 27, 2022


No soy la primera en question the terminology of personality traits, the possible sesgos in the diagnostic y cómo they are not sufficiently present in the social context. However, when Curry is present it is diagnostic as part of the case that it is constructed in the judgment by the definition against Heard, and which is attributed to the alleged antagonism of Heard to TLP, the fundamentals of which are now, in most cases, , especially because el TLP can be diagnosed erroneously.

Además, these are the labels that ascribe to an over-the-counter presence of family maltreatment intentionally to discredit their affirmations. Judgment in the United States is seen as similar to the one presented by Depp in the United Kingdom against the periodic The Sun. in 2020. In November of this year, a juez found that the description of Depp’s periodic as a “space goalie” era “substantially current”.

Investigations have shown that there is one strong correlation between trauma and TLPbecause it’s thought that it is, and the delicate nature of the case, provokes a more comparative discussion about the diagnostic.

These labels are intended to provide a relative over-the-counter presence of family harassment in an intent to discredit their affirmations

Tal vez sea el lingaje utilizado lo que debería reconsiderarse. Muchas interventions of mental health ahora usan an alternative term, Necesidades Emotional Complejas, which does not imply, as the harassment of the “personality trauma”, which has little to no interest. With TLP, this negativity is only felt with greater intensity when considering another term: trauma of emotional instability.

Curry is constantly at the tribunal in his testimony about the use of scales in diagnostics and describing that mental health problems generally have genetic, neurological, and environmental components. Entonces, ¿which part of the ladder establishes the following Heard objects? For me, these are not the characteristics of a specific personality trait, but they also fall into disability and human defect defects. These present actions must be adjudicated at various levels, not related to a diagnostic that can be converted into a weapon.

El actor Johnny Depp se encuentra en la sala del tribunal durante un receso en medio del juicio por difamación Depp v Heard en el Tribunal de Circuito del Condado de Fairfax en Fairfax, Virginia, Estados Unidos, 27 de abril de 2022.

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Actor Johnny Depp joins the tribunal hall during a recession in the midst of the juvenile Depp v Heard at the Fairfax Circuit Tribunal in Fairfax, Virginia, United States, April 27, 2022.


Conducting these conversations about psychologically complex problems combined with public light, simplifying simplification and correcting the risk of maneuvering many other times with the mismo pincel. But I do not know how to get rid of the pain that, in this case, has created the victim of maltrato. Establish a precedent for future cases involving persons with TLP, which may be used against each other in a tribunal of justice.

Intonations, in order to pathologize the following actions of an individual and reach all those who have TLP by proverbial bus in the process, suggest normalizing these conversations, in public, in the places of work and in the hog. Regardless of the outcome of this judgment, we must escort those who have TLP. It is not easy to live with this, but it is what defines me or other people who recycle the diagnosis, and in fact do not go to a defense in a court of law.

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