¿Tengo covid o flu? How to distinguish the meanings from the new omicron’s medium

In the antecedent of a pandemic, you only need a resuscitation and a headache, you start as a normal resuscitation and follow normalcy, including feeling a little pissed off. But now, when it comes to flu and resuscitated temperatures, how can you be sure that you will be resuscitated and not resuscitated?

The conclusion is that it can not be. However, following the typical phrases of a refrain with the head of the head, the gill of the gargoyle, and the nasal gut, these are the words that are now closely intertwined with the main covid signs.

In the embargo, the resumption is caused by a corner of the virus different from covid-19. The majority of coronaviruses, as well as the common cold, cause a level of infertility in your upper respiratory tract and produce relatively minor symptoms, such as nasal congestion, headache, and gargling pain.

People who take covid-19 suffocate respiratory symptoms that can provoke toss, flutter, air to breathe and fiber. Infertility can cause pneumonia, renal failure and, in most cases, death.

In the majority of people, the symptoms of frostbite, such as Alzheimer’s disease, occur at a maximum of three or three levels of infertility, such as the effects of covid-19 apparatus between them and 14 days after exposure.

Christina Marriott, Executive Director of RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health), affirmation: “Whenever I try to find the person who receives the dose of the vaccine, they will present serious menopausal symptoms, such as headache, nasal secretions, sternum, gargling skin, and umbilical cord.”

“Given that the flu season is on the rise, it is important that people who have been vaccinated completely permanently try to get rid of the paradoxical and resuscitated symptoms, and sometimes try to live or work around people with a high risk of contracting enfermedad. ”

Professor Irene Petersen, Department of Epidemiology and Sanitary Informatics at UCL (University College London), añade: “The nasal gland and the head of the head have symptoms of infertility, but can be compared to the primary symptoms – and the incisors – of covid. However, as soon as these symptoms occur, the use of lateral flux (LFT) test lasts for several days ”.

“The first LFT probes can be negative, but it is likely that the probes will be positive in one day. Además, if you know that other people inside you are covid, the probability that your nasal secretion and / or dolbe of cambid sea cambid covid is much greater. ”

With the main covid’s symptoms that are included in the goby one with a high temperature, a new and constant temperature, and a curtain or exchange rate of oil or taste, the Delta variant, which is now the edge of the dominant covid in the Reino Unido, tiene otros síntomas, en lugar essos síntomasmas main o además de ellos.

The study of covid phrases (covid.joinzoe.com), funded by the United Kingdom goblin, has identified the main covid-associated phrases, and the affirmation that differs ligamentally in function of whether it has been vacated or not.

Dollar de cabeza

With the capillary pains having a very concomitant symptom of the body, having one of the first signs, following the ZOE study, and being more common than the classic symptoms of tos, fiber and olfato curtain. The study shows that the skins of the head are caused by the body being moderated and intense, whether “pulsating”, “moving” or “punctuated”, being produced by the head of the head in a single area, they can last more than three days and are resistant to habitual analgesics.

Goteo nasal

The invisible passage, the ZOE study discourages that the nasal gland was the second most frequently reported symptom due to the head of the skull, and up to 60% of the persons who acted positively along the perpendicular nostril.

However, the Indian data that the prevalence of nursing is the most significant factor. As such, when the cups of the covid are high, the possibilities of how the goteo nasal should be covid también son altas. However, the sub-studio that runs the coffin cups at the same time is more likely to run out of covidium and more to recover or include an allergy. It is concluded that, although only persons with covid-19 can report nasal gout, it is somewhat calibrated as a definite symptom, which, as it were, is especially long lasting.


The ZOE study discourages that most of the habitats can be on a covid signal in vaccinated persons, even though it is much more likely that the storks are a sign of frostbite or allergy. Dice that, although many people with covid can say astornudar, “is not a definite symptom because astornudos are very common”.

Garganta dollar

Many people with covid have reported in the ZOE Study app that they have a gargle similar to what they feel when they have a recurrence or laryngitis. The garlands of the garland are related with a pair of sleeves on the levers and no more than a pinch of gold, and a garland of the garment is very intense as long as the time is probable that the sea will be cold. If persist, debone ponterte in contact with your cab doctor. Even when you have a cue syndrome, the majority of people with gargling skin probably only get a cold. Seek the data of ZOE, because of the size of the persons employed with covid-19 reports tener of the garganta, since it is most common in adults between 18 and 65 years old who are aged or 18 years old.

Curtain of oil

The olfato curtain is the main indicator of infertility by covid-19, regardless of age, sex or pregnancy. Even those who do not have enough of the oil have been given it in full, it can be changed, but it is possible that it can not be given as much perfume as possible, and the taste of the food can be affected, but the food can be taken un sabor diferente o parecer insípida.

Tos persistent

The persistent one is one of the three main symptoms of covid-19, pero, seg eln the ZOE studio, solo quatro of each of the persons related to the virus in the experiment. In this context, “persistent” means toser muchas veces al día, “lasting medium day or more”. The couscous tos sole on one tos seca, in comparison with the tos tos that produce flema or mucosidad, and which can indicate a bacterial infection. The persistent soles of the feet of the nurse and the soles of the feet are one or four inches long.

Hacerse la prueba is crucial

If only one dose of the vaccine is recovered, the ZOE study does not disclose that the main symptoms are similar to those of the people who vaccinate each other, even though they are frequent. And in the case of the unvaccinated, the similar symptoms are similar, with the increase of fiber and tos. If you do not have enough sound, you should auto-scan in case and hack a PCR test similar to the available ones.

Alex Richter, professor of clinical immunology at the University of Birmingham, who is part of a team that tries to detect anti-corpuscles against people with lever symptoms, said: “It is impossible to differentiate 19 times with a single . They are presented in a form similar to only PCR probes that can be differentiated. The lateral flux test tubes can be adjusted for detection, as long as they have symptoms, they should be tested with a PCR test with a hypo ”.

And Alan McNally, the evolutionary microbial genetics chair at the University of Birmingham, who’s in charge of infertile nurses in Milton Keynes’s Lighthouse lab – the first center of covid-19 test tubes of the British goblin – said: respiratory arrest should be avoided in order to avoid transmission and harassment. Autodiagnostic treatment is a form of fire safety to dispense the cases of covid-19 cases ”.

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